Walkways or pathways are an essential connecting piece to any style of landscape design. Walkway landscaping has become a necessity for many Colorado Springs homes in order to easily access all areas of your yard, as well as adding character to your landscape too. Walkways, also known as pathways, used to only be utilized as an accessway from your front yard to your backyard, and that’s it.  Why not incorporate a design aspect to your walkways to make it just another part of your new landscape design? Don’t let them just be a secondary thought; include them in your landscape design or redesign to allow your outdoor living space flow more naturally. The best pathway designs include both function and beauty, so here’s some luxurious walkway design ideas from your favorite local landscapers here at Bella Giardino!

  • Landscaping Walkways Personalize your Walkways: the 2020 trend for almost every hobby out there is to think outside the box, landscaping included. Create a unique pathway design that maybe mixes asphalt, concrete, stone and rock that catches your eye!
  • Go all Natural: the “au natural” look is definitely in this year. Homeowners are now gravitating towards natural slabs containing only natural materials, not the man-made stuff anymore. Especially with our Colorado weather, staying away from those faux pathway materials is going to be your best option. Plus, who doesn’t love natural colors?!
  • Minimalism: Grey, earth tones, minimalist designs are all here to stay for modern landscape design ideas. Go for the low-maintenance concept but with a strong touch of class and sophistication the modern era is known for!
  • Work with Texture: Those tempting textures for pathways are undoubtedly eye candy to not only your landscape’s overall flow, but also your feet as well. Feel your landscape as you venture through your beautiful garden or backyard kitchen design.

A walkway or pathway design in landscaping can capture the eye of neighbors, guests and onlookers alike just gazing at your home’s eloquent yard flow. Connect your front yard water feature to your backyard outdoor fireplace with ease and allow anyone present to feel like they are in a luxurious palace. If a new walkway is in your 2020 future, give our luxury landscape designers here at Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Design a call today to schedule a free consultation. That’s right, our team of Colorado Springs locals are open to discuss your dream yard during COVID over the phone, with the respect of social distancing. Start your home’s well-deserved outdoor upgrade to improve our current state of living and brighten your year while working from home. Don’t wait, call us today to get moving on your home’s new modern walkway addition!