Traditional Landscaping Design Style

Today, the idea of a traditional home landscape still stems from the aesthetic garden structures of centuries past but now has a bit more functionality to it. Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design has produced many stunning landscaping areas throughout many homes in the Southern Colorado area that fit this description. Modern versions of traditional gardens and landscaping designs often include cutting gardens or areas for growing edibles, specific views from a balcony and element symmetry the extends into repeated patterns throughout the area. They may also include outdoor living elements such as a fireplace or built-in barbecue and plantings consisting of boxwoods and other Colorado native shrubs.

Aside from the overall look of a classic design like this, the expression is in the details. Common materials used in traditional landscaping design style are brick, stone, pavers and wood that complete the traditional look. A garden is a key piece to this style of yard that is meant to bring a well-defined and beautiful outdoor space for your family to love. Any home structure design would fit perfectly with a traditional landscaping design as it’s completed versatile. That’s the beauty of customizing every outdoor living area our local landscaping team creates – we can make any space in any style look any particular way you’d like.

If you and your family is looking for a new landscape design or redesign with the described style above, don’t wait to contact Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design. Call our local professional designers right now to book an appointment for your beautiful Colorado home. We can move the Earth for you!