Are you the type of Colorado Springs family who looks forward to your summer BBQ’s or birthday parties just to get the chance to have friends over? If you’ve answered yes to this question, it’s safe to assume your family is backyard oriented and enjoys being outside in their yard as much as possible. Colorado is one of the prettiest states when it comes to mountain views, sunny weather and fresh air, so it would make sense to want to always be outside. That’s precisely why a backyard patio is essential to any local home in our communities. A luxurious patio design not only completes the look of your landscape, it also provides a stunning and convenient space to hangout outside! Our professional landscapers here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Designs want to share their input on reasons why having a back patio is a critical piece to anyone’s home.

Do you like to entertain?

Patio Designs for PartiesWhen throwing parties or BBQ’s or family get togethers, a huge piece of your social life, having a beautiful patio in the back of your home is the perfect space to setup such types of get togethers. There’s nothing better than having your friend’s over for a summer BBQ or inviting your son’s young friends over to throw his 6th birthday party. Cooking, gathering, sitting and socializing on a terrace couldn’t be more perfect for an active family.

Do you like to have gatherings with food?

Hosting dinner parties or family dinners is another great excuse to have a professionally designed patio in your backyard. Being able to cook right there in front of everyone and have a space to sit and eat or drink in the same vicinity allows for an optimally social evening. It keeps everyone in the same place to enjoy each other’s company that much more.

Is your backyard the focal point of your home?

If you are an active family who does more activities outside than inside, a back-deck design is a perfect fit. Don’t waste time by just sitting outside with your siblings watching endless TV. Create a more social, exciting environment in the back of your home to play, or chat, or relax or just simply take in the clean Colorado air. Spending time with loved ones should be done by taking in the moment, not being distracted by technology. A home patio provides just that for your family.

Now that we’ve convinced you that our professional patio designers and landscapers can create the perfect terrace for you, here are some additional exciting backyard patio ideas to think about:

  • Add an outdoor spa or hot tub to relax in your outdoor escape after a hard day at work
  • Add an outdoor sound system to enhance the entertainment for your guests
  • Add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to the middle of this organized courtyard
  • Create a windscreen built out of beautiful rocks or timbers to help block undesirable wind
  • Build a custom deck connecting your home and patio space together
  • Elaborate the border of your patio with your favorite flowers, trees, bushes or scrubs for your family and friends to enjoy

Do all these luxury design landscape ideas grab your attention? Give our friendly, professional landscaping designers here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Designs a call today to book a free consultation. Let your dream backyard come to life sooner rather than later and add that undeniable worth to your Colorado Springs home. Contact us now!

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