Custom Landscaping Design Styles

The memories you make with friends and family around your custom outdoor living space are what make Bella Giardino designs the epitome of your home. We know you will find the perfect setup for your family after talking to one of our custom outdoor design experts and we can’t wait to bring your vision to life with our experienced, professional installations teams.


Our high-end landscaping designs create a sense of love for your personal exterior environment. Nothing is more satisfying than walking out to the back yard of your home to grill up some delicious steaks for your family on the custom rock designed patio you’ve been dreaming of for years. Or spending a summer night with your son and daughter roasting marshmallows on the beautiful fire pit you took from your imagination and had designed in person. We can bring you and your family that happiness you’ve always wanted for your home. Whether your custom landscape design includes a structured fire pit, a waterfall over stunning rocks, or a blooming colorful garden, our team can make anything come to life. Don’t just take our word for it – check out all our landscaping projects we’ve completed for Northern Colorado Springs families below. We know pictures are worth a thousand words, but we don’t even think these photos do our work justice.


Every home we work on has its own specific individual style. It’s important to encompass the design our client wants and uniquely fit that dream into the blue print structure of their home. We can create any landscaping style imaginable with an emphasis on one of the following styles portrayed below. It’s simple: it’s our passion.


Just let us know how we can move the earth for you!

Colorado Native

A Colorado native landscape captures the natural feel of the elements that make Colorado unique. Elements like outdoor entertainment spaces, fire features, use of natural stones and native plantings throughout the landscape.


A Mediterranean landscape is beautiful and pragmatic developed out of the great diversity of history, culture and religion. It is known for winter rains and long, dry summers and encompass elements such as enclosure, large water features, tile and iron work and fine textured plants.


A traditional landscape captures the element symmetry and the inclusion of repeated patterns. Common materials used in traditional landscaping are brick, stone and pavers. This style incorporates views from above from a balcony or second story window. Plantings consist of boxwoods and other native shrubs groomed into a design. The goals of a traditional garden design are to create a well-defined and beautiful outdoor space.


A modern landscape emphasizes strong structural and graphic elements with clean lines, geometric shapes and unusual materials. It uses clean, hard-edged minimalism and cold materials such as concrete, metals and wood. The modern style has a less is more ideal with simple designs and a monochromatic or pale color scheme. There is little variation in plant types that are organized into straight lined segments.