Mediterranean Landscaping Design Style

A Mediterranean landscape is a beautiful and pragmatic style developed out of the abundant diversity of religion, history and culture. It is known for encompassing such bold structures like large water features or strategically placed tile and iron work throughout the design. Think of architectural structures in Spain, France, Monaco, or Italy and you can picture the true feeling of “Med design.” Most Mediterranean landscape style designs include some deeply textured plants to not only complete the strong look but also stand out on their own.

Here at Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Designs, we have done several home’s yards with this rich in culture, historical style. The overall aesthetic look of these projects is extremely formal and predominantly textured that are quite noticeable from afar. In most of our past landscaping projects who asked for a Mediterranean style have gardens with relaxed materials and plants in addition to the formal structural accents. Terra cotta pots, statuary items, tiered fountains, and Roman columns are all hallmarks of Mediterranean garden landscapes.

If the projects pictured below are showing the exact type of style you wish to have brought to life at your home’s landscape, give us a call. We can give you that dream landscape in Colorado Springs that you have always wished for. Let us move the Earth for you!