This is the number one question our professional landscapers receive in the cold winter months here in Colorado Springs. About this time every year we begin to receive inquiries asking, “can I landscape in winter?” It is a valid question to ask and the answer isn’t as straightforward as one might think. Sometimes, families don’t have full control over when they move, so perhaps you had to recently move into a new home in October or November and you are welcomed to that new home with lovely Colorado winter weather. Some may wait until the spring or summer to even think about redesigning their outdoor living spaces, but some may want to jump right on that project. Whatever the reason you’re thinking about landscaping in winter, the answer to the above question is absolutely YES! The luxurious landscape designers here at Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Designs have outlined several landscaping items anyone can accomplish during a Colorado Springs winter! Check out our helpful list of landscaping ideas in winter below:

Winter is Prime Time to Plan Your Landscape

In order to get an early jump on your dream landscape for the coming spring, consider consulting with a local landscape designer during the winter to get ahead. Waiting until spring to begin the designing and planning process often leads to increased delays due to the excessive clients all wanting their landscape installed all at the same time. Begin planning your dream outdoor living space now with our Bella team so your future self can breathe a bit more when that warm sun comes back out. Be proactive!

Is it Safe to Plant in Winter?

Winter LandscapingKnowing which plant “hardiness zone” you live in in Colorado Springs will help you deciding whether or not you can safely plant during our cold winter months. There’s a simple zone code our city lays within. Colorado ranges from what we call zone 3 to 6, indicating whether we could have extremely cold temperatures during the upcoming winter months. Depending on which zone or harshness of winter chill is deemed for the winter, that will allow you to decide to plant perennials, ornamental grass, or turf during our colder months or not. However, it is typically normal to continue with planting of trees and shrubs no matter how cold the temperatures drop to due to their cold weather durability. It is very important to note that all plant material requires winter watering over the cold season, in addition to the amount of snow we get. Snowfall is simply not enough moisture to keep plants alive in Colorado Springs, especially those that are newly planted, so always keep that in mind.

Complete Hardscaping Projects

On the contrary, winter can be a great time for installing hardscapes. Hardscaping is basically any non-living portion of your landscape design, like rock or stone type areas. Think of the areas where no vegetation is present. It is not uncommon to have your hardscape installation completed during cold weather months here locally simply to just get it down. That allows you for more time in the warmer months to install plant material and take more time on those vegetation areas. Sometimes deep freezes will prevent the installation of retaining walls or other landscape features due to their digging depth into the frozen ground. We all know how bipolar our Colorado weather can be, so just be aware of the season and what options of landscaping you have available to you year to year.

If you elect to complete or plan landscaping projects in winter, you should give our local landscaping team a call. Bell Giardino’s luxury landscaping abilities give you and your family endless options when it comes to outdoor living spaces. Give our experts a call today to schedule a winter landscaping consultation for your home! We are here to help you plan your dream landscape during winter and start implementing hardscaping options as well. Call us now!