Why is landscape lighting so essential? Well, to begin, a dark landscape can set a specific ambiance to your home that comes across as “uninviting” or “repellant” to some. Even if it’s not the holiday season when extra landscape lighting is acceptable, it doesn’t mean you can’t have aesthetic lighting throughout the year. Truthfully, adding strategic outdoor lights to your home’s stunning landscape design can make a huge difference in what mood your home portrays. Plus, why not show off your custom landscaping even when it’s nighttime?!

When it comes to lighting your landscape, there are several factors one must understand in order to create the perfect outdoor oasis and presentation for visitors. Landscape lighting is a concept that requires an elegant eye for structure and spacing, as well as a good perception of proper focal points. You might think you can install landscape lighting yourself, but the Colorado Springs luxury landscapers here at Bella strongly urge you to hire experts instead. Not only will you get the highest quality of materials and proper installation completed, hiring a professional actually will cost less as well. Since we have all the tools and knowledge of how and where to implement lights throughout your front or backyard, the total cost comes out quite less that if you were to go to Home Depot and try for yourself. It’s imperative to find the correct lighting materials and spacing outline to properly highlight the focal points of your landscape. Oh, and did we mention that adding lighting to your yard is also a security improvement?

Colorado Springs Garden LightingWhy Add Lighting to your Landscape?

  • Enhance the appearance and tone of your home
  • Show off your landscaping at nighttime
  • Add another level of safety and security to your property
  • Brighten up your home overall
  • Create a luxurious, resort-like feel of your outdoor living areas
  • Instantly increase the value of your home
  • Highlight the beauty of your existing yard structure and layout
  • Reduce the risk of burglary

The Beauty of Landscape Lighting

Think about your guests or even you when you arrive home after a long day at work or come over for a family dinner. The sky is dark and there’s a chill in the air. You drive up to your home and before pulling into the garage, you glance out toward your front yard. You see the clean water in your water fountain sparkle as it flows down the rocks and you begin to see the leaves of your aspen trees start to turn burnt orange and yellow. You wouldn’t have otherwise noticed these stunning details of your home if there weren’t lights illuminating each piece of your custom landscaping. How much more appealing is it for you and your guests to get out of the car to landscape lighting illuminating the path to your front door instead of just a menial front porch light? It makes all the difference in the world, we’ll tell you!

Using concepts like “up lighting” can create a beautifully dramatic effect in the evening, making your property appear more elegant and high-end. By lighting windows, solid walls, pathways and even tree trunks and other foliage, you can create an elegant tone even after the sun goes down, making your home come across as more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and more enjoyable at all hours of the night.


While custom landscape lighting isn’t something you may add to the list of things that add value to your home, when you eventually sell, you can safely assume your future buyers are definitely going to appreciate having it. That added level of luxury allows the home to look higher-quality and worth more overall. Plus, it is not uncommon for potential home buyers to come look at homes after work in the evenings when the sky is darker, so having your landscape lighting on will enhance their opinion of your home instantly.

As a Colorado Springs professional landscape design company with lighting expertise, Bella Landscape & Garden Design offers our knowledge and experience to local clients looking to add luxury to their homes. We offer custom landscape lighting designs for any home in town, whether the yard is quite large or small and quaint. Let our professional luxury landscape designers turn your home into an elegant oasis at night. Give us a call today for a free lighting project quote and get one step closer to having the home of your dreams. Call Bella today!