Want to make the exterior of your home just as classically welcoming with holiday cheer as your interior currently is? We know the outside of your house should be just as cheerful as in the inside, especially if you are expecting guests for the holidays. Our luxury landscapers here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Designs have outlined some decorating tips on giving your home’s outdoor landscape a festive, timeless look you’ll love, just in time for holiday celebrations. Try any of the below decoration ideas to improve the festiveness of your outdoor living space:

Highlight Your Yard’s Natural Beauty

Illumination of a single tree in the front yard landscape can make a subtle yet elegant statement. The Bella Giardino team suggests highlighting the natural structure of your featured tree with intricate branch wrapping of the string of lights. It’s all in the details.

Transform Summer Planting Pots

Holiday Outdoor Landscape Decorating Ideas

If you have weatherproof pots, the holidays are a great time to fill them with festive materials such as cut evergreen boughs, branches, berries, pine, boxwood, yew, and holly, or try dried hydrangea flowers and seed pods. A custom winter pot display arrangement adds the finishing touch to your garden or yard and looks beautiful under a light dusting of Colorado snow.

Dress Up the Entryway

The beauty of garland tracing the frame of your front door illuminates your home’s entrance with holiday spirit. Using a green garland with bright red bows or fake fruit can be seen from the bottom of your driveway, solidifying the added festive nature if your home.

Add a Welcoming First Impression

As your guests drive up to your home, create an inviting entrance with a holiday decorated mailbox. Adding simple swags of pine or red and white ribbon creates a seasonal flourish to an otherwise mundane item. Enhance it with red accents, pinecones, holiday greenery, or twisted lights to add even more of the holiday cheer.

Stick with Natural Beauty

Natural materials are the easiest to work with for an exterior display, especially wreaths. Adding wreaths to the outside of your home with holiday embellishments such as holly, berries, mall ornaments, red velvet bows, add a punch of color to a naturally stunning Colorado environment. Our state’s landscape is blessed with all the colors of the rainbow, so why not capitalize on our local beauty.

Bust Out the Benches

Give your outdoor patio benches the holiday spirit they deserve by adding an arrangement of holiday greenery, pinecones, gazing balls, and ornaments to them. Elaborate your subtle bench with a basket of pinecones with cut boxwood or wrap the structure of the bench with some greenery garland and lights. The holiday possibilities are endless.

Revive Classic Favorites

Recycle and upcycle your older holiday decorations that can still look amazing in your outdoor living space. Find stored objects like antlers, vintage skis, or snowshoes and embellish with evergreens, boughs, winterberries, pinecones, lights and ribbon to create your very own festive scene. Give new life to those old items you have laying around.

With these new holiday decoration ideas for your Colorado landscape, you are sure to have the most cheerful yard in the neighborhood. Just because its winter doesn’t mean your yard or home should look dull, frozen or boring. Lighten it up this holiday season and continue to enjoy your landscape design even if the weather outside is frightful. We look forward to seeing all your beautiful holiday home decorations this season and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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