The past few weeks have been more than just uncertainty for all of us in Colorado Springs. This virus has completely turned everyone’s life upside down to the point where we are still coping with our “new normal.” We’re sure you hear this on almost every news station, every radio commercial and every news article online; “we are in this together.” Our staff of luxury landscapers are with you during this trying time and want you to know we are still here for you.

COVID-19 & Colorado Springs Luxury LandscapersEven though local businesses here in The Springs have taken to tremendous change, both internally and externally, we wanted to reassure you that your favorite Colorado Springs Landscape Designers are still here and still in business. Our daily signups and procedures might have been tweaked a bit to respect the social distancing rule that has been put upon us, but don’t think for one second your dream landscape can’t still be yours this year.

As we all still fight to beat the curve of COVID-19, Bella Giardino is still here to help you design the high-end landscape your Springs home deserves. After all this passes, how perfect would a brand-new front yard be for you and your family?! Let us start planning TODAY for a design we can implement in a couple months when everything is safe once again.

Give our landscapers a call today and begin the planning process right over the phone! We have taken respective safety measures and have adjusted our planning processes to respect social distancing, so all appointments and blueprints are now being completed virtually, whether that be through the phone or via email. If having our team come to your home just isn’t something you want right now, that’s completely fine, we understand. We can still begin to plan out and design your stunning new backyard patio, backyard kitchen, or front yard water feature today and be 100% ready for implementation when the lovely quarantine ruling has lifted. What better feeling than to have every single inch all figured out and ready to go for your luxury landscape ahead of time?

Give Bella Giardino’s Landscape and Garden Design team a call today and get a jump start on your Spring and Summer plans! Plus, why not take your mind off the scary, severe times our world is going through right now with focusing on a brand-new yard that you yourself completely customizes?! Escape reality for a bit and get your thoughts down on paper today. You deserve that dream luxurious landscape design you’ve been wanting for years, so book an appointment with us today!

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