Custom Garden Design and Redesign Services in Colorado Springs


There aren’t too many items that add as much interest or flare to your landscape like the bright splash of color and beauty coming from a garden. Creating a new garden includes so many eloquent attributes in order to obtain that perfect flowerbed. Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design specializes in designing luxurious, dynamic, unique flower gardens that draw the eye and instantly increase the aesthetics of your home. There’s nothing like adding a stunning new garden to your home’s front or backyard. Especially in the Spring and Summer months here in Colorado Springs, the extra touch of color and the added depth of brightness to your landscape just adds a whole new level of elegance to your property. If you’re looking to add that special touch, Bella Giardino can create the perfect garden design or redesign of your needs.

Garden Design & Redesign

Catering to your unique style and personal vision, our team of professional gardeners can make your outdoor areas either as brilliant or subtle as you desire. Using delicately selected flowers and plants, our designers can create a flowerbed with both high impact and curb appeal that lasts all year long. We know Colorado is a bipolar state when it comes to weather, so when living in the city of Colorado Springs, the sporadic factor of mother nature is always in the back of our mind with each project we start. Not only can we create the high-end custom garden you’ve always desired during the Spring and Summer, but we can also provide a second element of greenery to that garden that obtains visual appeal, even in the cold, dry winter.


Our Garden Design Process 


Our goal is to take your personal ideas and elegantly curate a garden that fits your property. We make sure to transparently walk you through each step of the way, so you know exactly what you’re getting, how and when. Our garden design services include garden translation, drafting and planning, acquiring proper property specs, drawing up blueprints, supply ordering, material transporting and overall working right alongside you to customize the best layout to fit your budget.

 While walking through our custom garden design process with you, our experts can provide all available options for your new desired garden, including specifics with products, size/coverage, plant varieties, structure, placement, flower choices and other endless design possibilities. Include some annuals, perennials, ornamental evergreens, or other foundational planting for that fresh, renewed curb appeal!

 Whether starting from scratch, or updating with a redesign, we can lend a helping hand. Allow our experts to guide you through the maze of possibilities within the gardening world so you can finally receive the luxurious landscape of your dreams. 

 Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design is your top-choice for a Colorado Springs garden designer. Let us custom design or redesign your garden beds with a high-end style at an affordable price. Give us a call today to schedule your first consultation!