Colorado Native Landscaping Design Style

A Colorado native landscape captures the natural feel of the elements that make Colorado unique. Elements like outdoor entertainment spaces, fire features, use of natural stones and native plantings throughout the landscape.

A Colorado native landscape style captures the natural touch of the elements that make the state of Colorado unique. Elements like fire features, outdoor entertainment spaces, use of natural stones and native plantings are implemented throughout the landscape for this type of project. Of course, everything we do is customized to the personal want of our clients. Just because we use a Colorado Native design styled landscape on several different properties, doesn’t mean any of them look exactly alike.

The architectural structure of this landscape design style stems from the concept of mountain rustic. This residential style usually includes a heavy use of natural resources found in the beautiful CO state. These styled designs are influenced by nature and what naturally surrounding the home, which are therefore, designed to blend in to their mountainous surroundings. Colorado Native style looks to embody a rustic style that remains refined. If you are drawn to all things mountain and love the look and feel of the outdoors, this landscaping design would be the direction you should take your property to.

Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Designs has completed many earthy Colorado Native projects for their clients. The outcome of creating this style of outdoor design just adds to the beauty of living in Colorado. If you’re thinking about adding some native touches to your home, feel free to give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss custom ideas that would work for your residence!