Can I Landscape During Winter in Colorado?

Can I Landscape During Winter in Colorado?

This is the number one question our professional landscapers receive in the cold winter months here in Colorado Springs. About this time every year we begin to receive inquiries asking, “can I landscape in winter?” It is a valid question to ask and the answer isn’t as straightforward as one might think. Sometimes, families don’t have full control over when they move, so perhaps you had to recently move into a new home in October or November and you are welcomed to that new home with lovely Colorado winter weather. Some may wait until the spring or summer to even think about redesigning their outdoor living spaces, but some may want to jump right on that project. Whatever the reason you’re thinking about landscaping in winter, the answer to the above question is absolutely YES! The luxurious landscape designers here at Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Designs have outlined several landscaping items anyone can accomplish during a Colorado Springs winter! Check out our helpful list of landscaping ideas in winter below:

Winter is Prime Time to Plan Your Landscape

In order to get an early jump on your dream landscape for the coming spring, consider consulting with a local landscape designer during the winter to get ahead. Waiting until spring to begin the designing and planning process often leads to increased delays due to the excessive clients all wanting their landscape installed all at the same time. Begin planning your dream outdoor living space now with our Bella team so your future self can breathe a bit more when that warm sun comes back out. Be proactive!

Is it Safe to Plant in Winter?

Winter LandscapingKnowing which plant “hardiness zone” you live in in Colorado Springs will help you deciding whether or not you can safely plant during our cold winter months. There’s a simple zone code our city lays within. Colorado ranges from what we call zone 3 to 6, indicating whether we could have extremely cold temperatures during the upcoming winter months. Depending on which zone or harshness of winter chill is deemed for the winter, that will allow you to decide to plant perennials, ornamental grass, or turf during our colder months or not. However, it is typically normal to continue with planting of trees and shrubs no matter how cold the temperatures drop to due to their cold weather durability. It is very important to note that all plant material requires winter watering over the cold season, in addition to the amount of snow we get. Snowfall is simply not enough moisture to keep plants alive in Colorado Springs, especially those that are newly planted, so always keep that in mind.

Complete Hardscaping Projects

On the contrary, winter can be a great time for installing hardscapes. Hardscaping is basically any non-living portion of your landscape design, like rock or stone type areas. Think of the areas where no vegetation is present. It is not uncommon to have your hardscape installation completed during cold weather months here locally simply to just get it down. That allows you for more time in the warmer months to install plant material and take more time on those vegetation areas. Sometimes deep freezes will prevent the installation of retaining walls or other landscape features due to their digging depth into the frozen ground. We all know how bipolar our Colorado weather can be, so just be aware of the season and what options of landscaping you have available to you year to year.

If you elect to complete or plan landscaping projects in winter, you should give our local landscaping team a call. Bell Giardino’s luxury landscaping abilities give you and your family endless options when it comes to outdoor living spaces. Give our experts a call today to schedule a winter landscaping consultation for your home! We are here to help you plan your dream landscape during winter and start implementing hardscaping options as well. Call us now!

Fall Landscaping Maintenance Checklist

Fall Landscaping Maintenance Checklist

Fall is always known as the prime time to prep your yard or landscape for the next growing season. Especially in Colorado, it’s essential to prepare your yard for the bipolar winter coming in just a couple weeks. Cooling temperatures slow all aboveground growth of plants and shrubs while the moist soil underneath encourages strong root development during this time. There are several particular practices our professional luxury landscapers here at Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Designs would like to share with you to help you take full advantage of Colorado’s Fall season and get your home’s outdoor designs ready for next year. Check out our Fall landscaping maintenance checklist below to ensure you’ll be ready:

Aerate Your Lawn

If rainfall or snow pools on your grass lawn, it’s time to aerate! Compressing the soil and creating soil plugs so water and nutrients can reach the roots is a key factor to having your lawn survive the winter and come back to life next year.

Feed Your Grass

Grass roots continue growing until the ground gets down to around 40 degrees, so Fall is a perfect time to feed them. This helps encourage the roots of any grass types to hold strong in winter and spring up earlier come next year.

Fall Landscaping Tips

Mow a Final Time

It’s suggested to trim turf down to about 1¼ inches for the last cut of the season so germs/disease/mold don’t stick around and so fallen leaves can blow across the lawn without latching on to anything. Don’t go too short on the cut though as grass makes most of its food and nutrition in the upper section of the blade.

Collect Dead Leaves

Gathering dead leaves that have fallen into a pile not only cleans up your yard for aesthetic reasons, it also gives you a free nourishing material for Spring. The blackish gold leaves left over are actually a great source of sustenance for the following year to help nourish lawns, flower beds, and shrub borders!

Plant New Shrubs

In many parts of the country, including Colorado, planting new shrubs in the Fall gives the plants a strong head start at establishing roots in the season’s cool, moist soil.

Trim Dead Limbs

Dead branches become lifeless factors in winter snow and winds, endangering both you and your home. Protect your small ornamental trees from further damage by cutting cracked, loose, or dead limbs close to the trunk off while leaving the wounds exposed to heal.

Cut Back Perennials

A little work during the Fall produces healthier flower beds come Springtime. Take out all annuals and the snails/slugs that feed on them since these bugs breed during the Fall, so you have less of an infestation next year. Trim dead perennial foliage down to the ground too as this delivers more energy to the roots for better production next season.

Mulch Young Plants

Fall Landscape Maintenance for ColoradoGive new flower or foliage beds a layer of mulch after one of the first light Colorado frosts but before the ground freezes for added protection. This mulch can include chopped leaves, weed-free straw, or wood chips you purchase at your local home and garden store. You’ll want this decomposed layer of mulch materials to soak into the soil to keep new plantings warm during the winter, and control water/melted snow runoff and soil erosion.

Dry Out Drip & Irrigation Systems

Standing water can freeze and crack the drip-irrigation tubing in drip watering systems. For simple setups, shut the water completely off, unscrew the tap-joint adapter, and insert some type of simple air hose inside the tube tap and blow all leftover water completely out to avoid any freezing issues.

Our Colorado Springs luxury landscapers know how important your landscape design is. With these simple steps in the Fall, you can immensely help your yard stay strong and alive during the winter so next Spring season is a more fruitful one. Protect your foliage, flowers, plants and trees now to produce the best Spring growth ever. For more information regarding this Fall Landscape Maintenance Checklist, or for more information regarding our local landscape services, give Bella a call today! We always love to see local yards come back to life with ease. Book your Spring outdoor living redesign with us today to get ahead!

Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design wins the Top Rated Local Landscaper Award for the Second Year in a Row!

Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design wins the Top Rated Local Landscaper Award for the Second Year in a Row!

The Bella Giardino team has been awarded another Top Rated Local Award for the second year in a row! Our team of professional landscapers have won the 2019 Top Rated Local Award for Best Landscaper this year, holding the crown for two consecutive years. We couldn’t be prouder of our designers and their efforts in creating the best luxurious landscapes in the Colorado Springs area. We can’t thank our customers and peers enough for all the positive votes and kind words towards our work completed in the past year. It is an absolutely honor to receive this award once again!

Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design wins the Top Rated Local Landscaper Award for the Second Year in a Row! According to the site, our business received 37 ratings posted on 4 verified review sites that gave Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Design an average rating of 4.74 stars total. This earns a Rating Score™ of 96.38 and places us as the #2 best rated Landscaper in Colorado Springs!

“Top Rated Local® is built upon 5 pillars of the customer experience and is created to empower both businesses and consumers. Capturing the overall customer experience is unlike anything on the market.

Thus, we created the 5 pillar experience and rating-based system: quality, value, timeliness, experience, and satisfaction. These pillars allow consumers to highlight what was important outside of just writing some comments (reviews). It is a true, simplistic feedback system that has more value than reviews alone, and it creates a place where the customer experience is amplified. Altogether, Top Rated Local® creates a more meaningful environment for customers and businesses alike. Welcome to the new era of improved rating systems!”

We can’t thank everyone enough for the constant support in the local community. We’d be honored to create your very own custom designed luxury landscape, so give us a call for a free consultation today! Bella is here for you!

Creatively-Customized Features of Landscaping

Creatively-Customized Features of Landscaping

There’s nothing like a beautiful customized landscape for your home. The essence of your very own garden structure and unique shrub layout to accent your home’s personal blueprint is beyond divine. Anyone can just add some grass, trees, simple walkway and outlining lighting and call it a “landscape design,” but the experts here at Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Designs like to do so much more than that. To us, landscaping isn’t just a chore, but rather an artistic opportunity to express a certain emotion or style of a home while complimenting its existence in an inspired way.

Custom Landscape DesignsCreating a beautiful area of escape within your own property is our passion. Making that backyard oasis or front yard sanctuary that takes you away from all the troubles in the world for just one moment is exactly what our luxury landscape designers strive for with every project we complete. There is no such thing as “cookie cutter” landscaping in the world of Bella Giardino. No two designs are alike and that’s our sole promise to every customer we do business with. Don’t just get a new residential landscape, get a personal outdoor property creation that speaks to your very own style and compliments your beautiful home.

Around here, we like to use the term “creatively-customized” when describing our works of art. The features we add or the ideas we construct for your home’s landscape are all beyond creative in the eyes of landscaping. Every person is unique, every home is unique, so why shouldn’t your home landscape design by unique as well? Creatively customized is our way of showing you that the luxury outdoor yard design we can provide you will be nothing short of customized. Some may just say it, but we actually live it.

If you’re looking for a creative and custom landscape design for your home, Bella Giardino is exactly what you need. Let our team of Colorado Springs landscaping professional services create the perfect outdoor oasis or sanctuary for your home. We guarantee satisfaction and promise to bring your dream design to life. Call us today!

How Landscape Lighting Can Make Your Home Look More Luxurious and Beautiful Throughout the Year

How Landscape Lighting Can Make Your Home Look More Luxurious and Beautiful Throughout the Year

Why is landscape lighting so essential? Well, to begin, a dark landscape can set a specific ambiance to your home that comes across as “uninviting” or “repellant” to some. Even if it’s not the holiday season when extra landscape lighting is acceptable, it doesn’t mean you can’t have aesthetic lighting throughout the year. Truthfully, adding strategic outdoor lights to your home’s stunning landscape design can make a huge difference in what mood your home portrays. Plus, why not show off your custom landscaping even when it’s nighttime?!

When it comes to lighting your landscape, there are several factors one must understand in order to create the perfect outdoor oasis and presentation for visitors. Landscape lighting is a concept that requires an elegant eye for structure and spacing, as well as a good perception of proper focal points. You might think you can install landscape lighting yourself, but the Colorado Springs luxury landscapers here at Bella strongly urge you to hire experts instead. Not only will you get the highest quality of materials and proper installation completed, hiring a professional actually will cost less as well. Since we have all the tools and knowledge of how and where to implement lights throughout your front or backyard, the total cost comes out quite less that if you were to go to Home Depot and try for yourself. It’s imperative to find the correct lighting materials and spacing outline to properly highlight the focal points of your landscape. Oh, and did we mention that adding lighting to your yard is also a security improvement?

Colorado Springs Garden LightingWhy Add Lighting to your Landscape?

  • Enhance the appearance and tone of your home
  • Show off your landscaping at nighttime
  • Add another level of safety and security to your property
  • Brighten up your home overall
  • Create a luxurious, resort-like feel of your outdoor living areas
  • Instantly increase the value of your home
  • Highlight the beauty of your existing yard structure and layout
  • Reduce the risk of burglary

The Beauty of Landscape Lighting

Think about your guests or even you when you arrive home after a long day at work or come over for a family dinner. The sky is dark and there’s a chill in the air. You drive up to your home and before pulling into the garage, you glance out toward your front yard. You see the clean water in your water fountain sparkle as it flows down the rocks and you begin to see the leaves of your aspen trees start to turn burnt orange and yellow. You wouldn’t have otherwise noticed these stunning details of your home if there weren’t lights illuminating each piece of your custom landscaping. How much more appealing is it for you and your guests to get out of the car to landscape lighting illuminating the path to your front door instead of just a menial front porch light? It makes all the difference in the world, we’ll tell you!

Using concepts like “up lighting” can create a beautifully dramatic effect in the evening, making your property appear more elegant and high-end. By lighting windows, solid walls, pathways and even tree trunks and other foliage, you can create an elegant tone even after the sun goes down, making your home come across as more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and more enjoyable at all hours of the night.


While custom landscape lighting isn’t something you may add to the list of things that add value to your home, when you eventually sell, you can safely assume your future buyers are definitely going to appreciate having it. That added level of luxury allows the home to look higher-quality and worth more overall. Plus, it is not uncommon for potential home buyers to come look at homes after work in the evenings when the sky is darker, so having your landscape lighting on will enhance their opinion of your home instantly.

As a Colorado Springs professional landscape design company with lighting expertise, Bella Landscape & Garden Design offers our knowledge and experience to local clients looking to add luxury to their homes. We offer custom landscape lighting designs for any home in town, whether the yard is quite large or small and quaint. Let our professional luxury landscape designers turn your home into an elegant oasis at night. Give us a call today for a free lighting project quote and get one step closer to having the home of your dreams. Call Bella today!

The Power of a Patio

The Power of a Patio

Are you the type of Colorado Springs family who looks forward to your summer BBQ’s or birthday parties just to get the chance to have friends over? If you’ve answered yes to this question, it’s safe to assume your family is backyard oriented and enjoys being outside in their yard as much as possible. Colorado is one of the prettiest states when it comes to mountain views, sunny weather and fresh air, so it would make sense to want to always be outside. That’s precisely why a backyard patio is essential to any local home in our communities. A luxurious patio design not only completes the look of your landscape, it also provides a stunning and convenient space to hangout outside! Our professional landscapers here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Designs want to share their input on reasons why having a back patio is a critical piece to anyone’s home.

Do you like to entertain?

Patio Designs for PartiesWhen throwing parties or BBQ’s or family get togethers, a huge piece of your social life, having a beautiful patio in the back of your home is the perfect space to setup such types of get togethers. There’s nothing better than having your friend’s over for a summer BBQ or inviting your son’s young friends over to throw his 6th birthday party. Cooking, gathering, sitting and socializing on a terrace couldn’t be more perfect for an active family.

Do you like to have gatherings with food?

Hosting dinner parties or family dinners is another great excuse to have a professionally designed patio in your backyard. Being able to cook right there in front of everyone and have a space to sit and eat or drink in the same vicinity allows for an optimally social evening. It keeps everyone in the same place to enjoy each other’s company that much more.

Is your backyard the focal point of your home?

If you are an active family who does more activities outside than inside, a back-deck design is a perfect fit. Don’t waste time by just sitting outside with your siblings watching endless TV. Create a more social, exciting environment in the back of your home to play, or chat, or relax or just simply take in the clean Colorado air. Spending time with loved ones should be done by taking in the moment, not being distracted by technology. A home patio provides just that for your family.

Now that we’ve convinced you that our professional patio designers and landscapers can create the perfect terrace for you, here are some additional exciting backyard patio ideas to think about:

  • Add an outdoor spa or hot tub to relax in your outdoor escape after a hard day at work
  • Add an outdoor sound system to enhance the entertainment for your guests
  • Add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to the middle of this organized courtyard
  • Create a windscreen built out of beautiful rocks or timbers to help block undesirable wind
  • Build a custom deck connecting your home and patio space together
  • Elaborate the border of your patio with your favorite flowers, trees, bushes or scrubs for your family and friends to enjoy

Do all these luxury design landscape ideas grab your attention? Give our friendly, professional landscaping designers here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Designs a call today to book a free consultation. Let your dream backyard come to life sooner rather than later and add that undeniable worth to your Colorado Springs home. Contact us now!

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