Wonderous Walkways

Wonderous Walkways

Walkways or pathways are an essential connecting piece to any style of landscape design. Walkway landscaping has become a necessity for many Colorado Springs homes in order to easily access all areas of your yard, as well as adding character to your landscape too. Walkways, also known as pathways, used to only be utilized as an accessway from your front yard to your backyard, and that’s it.  Why not incorporate a design aspect to your walkways to make it just another part of your new landscape design? Don’t let them just be a secondary thought; include them in your landscape design or redesign to allow your outdoor living space flow more naturally. The best pathway designs include both function and beauty, so here’s some luxurious walkway design ideas from your favorite local landscapers here at Bella Giardino!

  • Landscaping Walkways Personalize your Walkways: the 2020 trend for almost every hobby out there is to think outside the box, landscaping included. Create a unique pathway design that maybe mixes asphalt, concrete, stone and rock that catches your eye!
  • Go all Natural: the “au natural” look is definitely in this year. Homeowners are now gravitating towards natural slabs containing only natural materials, not the man-made stuff anymore. Especially with our Colorado weather, staying away from those faux pathway materials is going to be your best option. Plus, who doesn’t love natural colors?!
  • Minimalism: Grey, earth tones, minimalist designs are all here to stay for modern landscape design ideas. Go for the low-maintenance concept but with a strong touch of class and sophistication the modern era is known for!
  • Work with Texture: Those tempting textures for pathways are undoubtedly eye candy to not only your landscape’s overall flow, but also your feet as well. Feel your landscape as you venture through your beautiful garden or backyard kitchen design.

A walkway or pathway design in landscaping can capture the eye of neighbors, guests and onlookers alike just gazing at your home’s eloquent yard flow. Connect your front yard water feature to your backyard outdoor fireplace with ease and allow anyone present to feel like they are in a luxurious palace. If a new walkway is in your 2020 future, give our luxury landscape designers here at Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Design a call today to schedule a free consultation. That’s right, our team of Colorado Springs locals are open to discuss your dream yard during COVID over the phone, with the respect of social distancing. Start your home’s well-deserved outdoor upgrade to improve our current state of living and brighten your year while working from home. Don’t wait, call us today to get moving on your home’s new modern walkway addition!

11 Stunning Outdoor Fireplace and Kitchen Ideas That Will Get You Outside More!

11 Stunning Outdoor Fireplace and Kitchen Ideas That Will Get You Outside More!

We live in one of the most beautiful states in the nation, with our endless blue skies, towering snow capped mountains and stunning fall colored trees that makes any property here in the Springs a dream come true. Even though most of us Coloradans don’t need an excuse to get outside more, why not give yourself just another entertaining juncture to cook all meals outside at your own home. Our luxury landscapers here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design have several downright drool-worthy outdoor kitchen design and outdoor fireplace ideas that will give you the final inspiration you need to give your backyard a facelift. Renew your Colorado Springs backyard with these 11 high-end outdoor living designs:

Fire Pit

A fire pit just outside your outdoor kitchen adds a cozy element to an already relaxing area, making the space a destination for late evenings as the sun sets behind the mountains.

Outdoor Fireplace

Similar to a fire pit, an outdoor fireplace lends a sense of warm comfort to an outdoor kitchen space, especially during those colder Colorado winter nights. Consider adding a fireplace if you’re aiming to bring the indoors out and give your family the perfect night cap seating area.

Outdoor Fireplace & KitchenPizza Oven

Who doesn’t want their very own homemade pizza kitchen outside?! If you enjoy making homemade pizzas with your family and friends, this idea is definitely for you. Add your very own pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen to make pizza a regular thing in your household.

Comfy Seating + Bar

Do you plan on having guests over for those warm summer nights? Or plan to craft more cocktails than meals for your friends this Fall? Add an outdoor bar to your backyard that becomes the main focus of your outdoor kitchen for those party nights.

Elaborate Grilling Station

Attention all Colorado grill-masters: this is your time to shine! Add all the bells and whistles available for grilling stations that you’ve always wanted to your stunning outdoor kitchen design. Get each appliance and grilling necessity you’ve always wanted in one place.

Bar + Grill Combo

You can’t go wrong with the classic bar and grill combo. Adding a bar and grill to your outdoor living space gives yet another perfect entertaining area for your friends and family. Even add the typical barstool seating look to your kitchen to create that casual hangout spot for everyone.

Pool House + Kitchen Combo

Also ideal for entertaining, having a pool house and outdoor kitchen right next to it is a  beautiful combination that creates a space where adults and kids can simultaneously gather. We understand that not all Colorado Springs homes have room for a pool, but for those who do, this is a great option!

Outdoor TV(s) & Entertainment Area

For all of your sports fanatics out there, or even religious Bachelor fans that need an upgraded meet up viewing space, implementing an entrainment area including large screens within your outdoor kitchen will have your friends begging to come over for the big game or new episode!

Outdoor Kitchen & BarLuxurious Pergola

Create a touch of shade with a classical pergola near your outdoor fireplace. A pergola provides a perfect overhead fixture to mount ambiance lighting for those stunning orange and purple Fall sunsets.

Vent Hood

If your current outdoor kitchen has a partial enclosure or roof covering it, it’s a good idea to install a hood to properly vent out all smoke and odors ass needed while cooking all those delicious meals. Keep your family safe and your home safe with an elegant vent hood.

Dining Area

With an outdoor fireplace or outdoor kitchen obviously comes a dining area. Simply adding a luxurious outdoor dining room table and eating area, your outdoor kitchen can make your dining needs a breeze. Cook and eat in the same area!

When designing an outdoor space, our team of luxury landscape designers think personalization is the key to happy customers. This is especially true for firepits, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens alike. Our team of professional Colorado Springs landscape designers allow you to work with them and design your own personal preferences with your particular lifestyle in mind. We want you to get the most out of your open yard space so we are simply here to implement, you are the one who will be the true designers.

Now that you have some more elaborate and luxurious outdoor kitchen and outdoor fireplace addition ideas, start brainstorming what your home could look like this year. Add piece by piece or complete a full reconstruction, that’s completely up to you! Just know that Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design has your back with whatever you need. Book a consultation with us today to see if one of the above ideas will fit your home’s layout! Call today!

Bella Giardino’s Response to COVID-19

Bella Giardino’s Response to COVID-19

The past few weeks have been more than just uncertainty for all of us in Colorado Springs. This virus has completely turned everyone’s life upside down to the point where we are still coping with our “new normal.” We’re sure you hear this on almost every news station, every radio commercial and every news article online; “we are in this together.” Our staff of luxury landscapers are with you during this trying time and want you to know we are still here for you.

COVID-19 & Colorado Springs Luxury LandscapersEven though local businesses here in The Springs have taken to tremendous change, both internally and externally, we wanted to reassure you that your favorite Colorado Springs Landscape Designers are still here and still in business. Our daily signups and procedures might have been tweaked a bit to respect the social distancing rule that has been put upon us, but don’t think for one second your dream landscape can’t still be yours this year.

As we all still fight to beat the curve of COVID-19, Bella Giardino is still here to help you design the high-end landscape your Springs home deserves. After all this passes, how perfect would a brand-new front yard be for you and your family?! Let us start planning TODAY for a design we can implement in a couple months when everything is safe once again.

Give our landscapers a call today and begin the planning process right over the phone! We have taken respective safety measures and have adjusted our planning processes to respect social distancing, so all appointments and blueprints are now being completed virtually, whether that be through the phone or via email. If having our team come to your home just isn’t something you want right now, that’s completely fine, we understand. We can still begin to plan out and design your stunning new backyard patio, backyard kitchen, or front yard water feature today and be 100% ready for implementation when the lovely quarantine ruling has lifted. What better feeling than to have every single inch all figured out and ready to go for your luxury landscape ahead of time?

Give Bella Giardino’s Landscape and Garden Design team a call today and get a jump start on your Spring and Summer plans! Plus, why not take your mind off the scary, severe times our world is going through right now with focusing on a brand-new yard that you yourself completely customizes?! Escape reality for a bit and get your thoughts down on paper today. You deserve that dream luxurious landscape design you’ve been wanting for years, so book an appointment with us today!

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Landscape Ideas with Water Features

Landscape Ideas with Water Features

After spending several Spring seasons landscaping and building garden beds here in Colorado Springs, we found that skipping out on the small details of a landscape design can hinder the overall look and feel of your yard. The small things often go overlooked during the building, planting, and hauling of dirt that occurs during a new garden or outdoor living creation. When people say, “it’s all in the details,” it’s absolutely true regardless of the topic at hand. If it’s something as artistic as landscaping, details are essential to the final illustration of the yard, but sometimes no matter how detail oriented you are, something feels off with the partially completed product. Not that there’s anything wrong with a simple landscape, but we began to come up with the solution that most yards here in Colorado are better completed with a stunning water feature. Garden border details, lighting solutions and balanced out material layouts are fairly simple to incorporate once the yard begins to take shape, but we’ve always felt like something was missing during production, which has now been identified as a water feature.

Landscapes with Water FeaturesIn our search for something to bring more life to our luxury garden and landscape designs, our designers quickly found that water feature ideas were definitely a topic to further research and expand upon. Water features bring a beautiful touch of tranquility to every garden, which indirectly also adds a beneficial addition to your home’s surroundings. Structures like fountains, waterfalls, babbling brooks and rock streams are all high-end additions to any style of landscape you’re looking for. Not only is the sound of trickling water a peaceful and relaxing noise while winding down at night, but flowing water also provides an attraction for birds and other beneficial critters to your garden grounds. What better than to have the natural wildlife come freely to your yard and bath in your luxury water fountain while you sip your red glass of wine watching the orange colored Colorado sunset.

Whether a water feature is planned in advance as a prominent feature to your new landscape or is a simple add-on to your existing Colorado Springs yard, you will be glad to have taken the time to include it. Bell Giardino has so many different outdoor living sketches and blueprints for every type of yard out there, we have the ability to literally add in a water feature anywhere. If you have your own personal structure in mind, we can also complete custom designs as well. From koi ponds to spa waterfalls to home entrance spillways to limestone fountains spilling into pools, your possibilities are endless

Don’t think you are only limited to a couple basic figures; Bella can do anything. If you have a specific water feature design in mind that you would like added to your home this coming Spring, don’t hesitate to give our team of Colorado Springs luxury landscapers a call today. Book an appointment with our designers asap since our calendars fill up fast! Finally get the landscape your family wants and deserves with Bella Giardino. Call now!

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Retaining Walls – Beauty & Function

Retaining Walls – Beauty & Function

With the endless options out there for luxury landscape designs, it’s imperative to know all your structural options. The whole idea behind restructuring or designing a new landscape for your Colorado Springs home is to work with the ground you’re given. Yes, you of course have the freedom to essentially create the outdoor living space of your dreams but keeping within your yard’s limits is crucial for the lifetime of your landscape. This is where retaining walls can be vital to aid in obtaining the look you’re going for. Let Bella Designs explain a little bit further:

Retaining Wall ProfessionalsIn order to create a stunning environment, you must first be aware of the structure of the land your home sits on. For example, if you have a hillside as your backyard, you have a better opportunity creating a waterfall than you would say a typical flower bed. Conversely, if you have a completely flat front yard, creating steps might not be the most conventional for you. This is where our local landscapers come into play. Our team here at Bella Giardino is here to help point you in the right direction for what is plausible for your Colorado Springs yard. We can show you what is doable and not so doable for your own home in order to provide you with designs that meet your yard and your dreams in the middle. Now, there is one feature of a yard design that combines function and aesthetics in a unique way to expand your own home’s options even further. We’re talking, of course, about the retaining wall. Retaining walls are important protective features of a yard that also provide a fresh look to your landscape.

A retaining wall can be a critical piece to a new landscape. Sometimes it is important to separate the yard into several different sections, which can be effectively done by retaining walls. Whether you are looking to create an outdoor kitchen, a vegetable garden or a fire pit, starting with a retaining wall is essentially the backbone of your design. Once you have that outline or frame set in place, the rest becomes simple. And of course you have the ability to choose from many different wall materials to better match your home too! Options might include concrete, masonry, stone or maybe a specific type of rock you found that you can’t live without. Hiring custom landscapers, like Bella Giardino, not only makes landscaping easier, it also gives you the ups and downs (literally) of your own yard so you know what you can and can’t do from the start. Bring both beauty and function to the table with retaining walls.

If you’re not looking for a complete yard redesign, but rather just a simple implementation of a retaining wall, we can do that too! Our local company doesn’t just do the whole shebang, we can do individual constructive additions to your yard as well. Want to add just a simple retaining wall in your backyard? Give us a call! Are you looking for a luxury landscape design for your front yard? Give us a call! Bella Giardino Landscapes and Garden Design, does it all so book a consultation today before our 2020 calendar fills up! You can trust our retaining wall experts, reach out now!

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Quality Over Quantity When It Comes to Hardscaping

Quality Over Quantity When It Comes to Hardscaping

Why upgrade your Colorado Springs yard with a hardscape design? That’s easy; because not only are you improving the look and value of your home, but you’re also adding a low maintenance option to your backyard or front yard design. Hardscapes not only look classy and chic from afar, they are also a lot tamer on the utility bill year-round as well. This type of luxury landscaping also adds extra space to your front yard or backyard, so you have more room on your lot to add fun entertainment features like outdoor fire pits, outdoor kitchens, family friendly fire features and so much more! When you do decide to upgrade your home with an outdoor hardscape design, there are a couple significant things you should know before you hire a local contractor. But first, let’s define hardscaping:

What is Hardscaping?

Colorado Springs Hardscaping InstallersMuch like any type of landscaping, hardscaping entails more of the stone or rock type materials than say the plants or evergreens. It is essentially a landscape with stone or block work built into the yard layout of your home, which exponentially increase aesthetics to your lot overall. Hardscapes typically include items like rock formations, retaining walls, patios, brick walkways, fire pits and outdoor kitchens, among many other projects that can vary due to the nature of the word “custom.” When you invest in a project like hardscaping here in our beautiful state, you add an opportunity for a way for your family to spend more time together outside and enjoy the stunning outdoors. But especially in Colorado, hardscapes face intense, difficult bipolar weather in addition to the normal wear and tear on a daily basis, so the hardscaping designs here must be strong enough to withstand our weather. That’s precisely what Bella’s custom hardscape designers and installers do with every new home they rejuvenate. Not only will you get the custom dream hardscape design for your front or backyard you’ve always wanted, you’ll also know you’ll be getting top-of-the-line rock and stone materials that will always withstand our crazy winters. Hardscaping is a perfect choice for Colorado Springs homeowners.

Investing in A Quality Colorado Springs Hardscaping Company

Quality over quantity is a common sentiment that resonates true in almost every aspect of life. When it comes to landscaping, specifically hardscaping, many experts recommend spending more on well-made items than cheap ones. The typical rule of thumb for most applications, especially hardscaping, is that you basically get what you pay for. Meaning, if you purchase good quality materials and have expert craftsman install them, you’re going to have a yard that lasts a lifetime. If you go for the cheaper choice of materials and subpar installers, you should know the lifetime of that decision won’t last nearly as long as the first. Most clients end up spending more money in the long run for choosing the cheaper choice right off the bat due to repairs, replacements and re-designing or fixings of that low-price landscaping. Here at Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Designs, we pride ourselves in offering our local Colorado Springs customers competitive pricing on all hardscape projects while still delivering their custom design with high-quality materials and craftsmanship from start to finish. We believe in quality and that’s what you’ll get when you hire us.

If you’re looking to add hardscapes to your home this year, don’t hesitate to call the top-rated professional landscaping contractors here at Bella Giardino. Book a consultation appointment today before our calendars are booked up for the year! If you believe in quality over quantity, like us, give our team a call to get one step closer to your dream hardscape.