How Luxury Landscape Designs in Colorado Springs Can Be Obtained

How Luxury Landscape Designs in Colorado Springs Can Be Obtained

Bella Giardino Landscape and Design understand you deserve the best when it comes to the place where you build lasting memories. With more and more people looking for ways to entertain family and friends outdoors creating a high-end backyard will allow for a better space for entertainment. Look to create a luxury landscape design for your Colorado Springs home to increase the beauty and functionality of your yard with these high-end landscaping ideas.

Adding a Beautiful Fire Pit or Fireplace

Luxury Landscape BackyardAn outdoor fire feature is one of the best landscaping ideas for making the yard a family’s favorite place to gather. A stone pit, a modern fire bowl, or a full masonry fireplace provides amazing warmth which makes people naturally gravitate towards such an inviting atmosphere. A fire pit or fireplace will bring an amazing statement piece to your backyard and add a little bit of magic to any gathering. A fireplace can serve as a central point in an outdoor room and provide privacy and definition to the backyard space. The largest investment to build a fire pit or fireplace is hiring a contractor which is where the amazing team at Bella Giardino Landscape and Design comes in. With our professional insight, we can design a stunning fire pit or fireplace area that will leave you and your guest in awe.

Creating a Water Feature Oasis

When designing a water feature for your high-end landscaping, there is a lot to consider. This water feature can be a striking focal point for you and your guests. The most important feature to consider is the location. This is the first decision when creating a water feature, and can be affected by space, prevailing winds, splash patterns, etc. It is important to choose the best location for the water feature so it can be shown in all its beauty. The design can be anything from modern to traditional with stone, brick, rock features, and much more. The soothing sound of running water in your outdoor space will bring you peace and allow you to feel like you are truly in your own oasis.

Outdoor Lighting Techniques

Illuminating your landscape with unique lighting techniques can help create that high-end landscaping feel to your backyard space. A particular mood or ambiance with soft yellow lights can transform the outdoor space when the sun goes down. Use LED lights to give off a white light to light dining areas, outdoor kitchens, and pathways. Also, light up your yard space to entertain your guests all throughout the night.

Your outdoor living space should be an extension of your home. Make a statement for your friends and family with your backyard oasis. Creating an amazing luxury landscaping design for your Colorado Springs home will turn your yard into the ideal setting for gathering. Create moments to share with everyone with help from our team at Bella Giardino Landscape and Design.

Outdoor Kitchen Installations and Design Considerations

Outdoor Kitchen Installations and Design Considerations

Installing an outdoor kitchen to your Colorado Springs home may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be a big undertaking if you understand the benefits and what to consider when designing a great outdoor cooking area. Once you are able to understand more about an outside kitchen the better off you will be, and the more you will want to start your project right away. What was once a luxury is now a necessity for homeowners who love to entertain and be outside. Our team of expert contractors at Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Designs is here to give you some tips to help you get the perfect outdoor oasis for your Colorado Springs home.

Benefits of a Backyard Kitchen

Add value to your home: An outdoor kitchen is more than just creating an environment to entertain, it can increase the value of your home. When creating a cooking patio you will be using higher-quality material that will last a long time. This investment adds value even if you don’t sell right away. Buyers will love the unique addition of a backyard kitchen. Even if you are not planning on selling your home, expanding your living space is extremely beneficial.

Increase entertainment: Installing an outdoor kitchen in your living space can provide more room for entertainment. It provides you the room for more people to relax outside while you prepare a delicious meal. Even if you don’t entertain often, having that space for you or your family will get you out of the house and enjoying the great outdoors.   Outdoor Kitchen Colorado Springs

Make Cooking Enjoyable: Cooking a meal inside can get repetitive and maybe even boring. Creating an area outside that gives you a new space to cook with all new kitchen appliances adds spice to your day! Mixing up your routine with a cooking patio can make cooking enjoyable again.

Make backyard cooking easier: If you currently have a grill outside, you know that having additional space to prep your food and to clean up would be a huge benefit. We have all been there making trips in and out of the house for utensils, spices, and everything else, but an outdoor kitchen will eliminate those excessive trips into the house.

Spend more time outside: With a kitchen and entertainment space outside your door, you will never want to go back inside to cook. Enjoying the beautiful views and weather that Colorado Springs has to offer while soaking in those sun rays and breathing in that fresh air.

Once you have installed your own backyard kitchen, you will find more benefits than imaginable. The next step to get that perfect outdoor living area is to come up with the landscape design to your Colorado Springs home.

What to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

How to maximize your indoor and outdoor kitchens together: While thinking about the distance between your indoor and the backyard kitchen, be sure there is an open path between them. While cooking, you may be in and out of your home to get different cooking utensils or ingredients you typically don’t leave outside. Having that path between the two cooking spaces helps maximize the efforts of the two kitchens.

What materials should be used outside: When looking for materials for your kitchen, the materials should be corrosion-, water-, and grease-resistant. While Colorado Springs offers gorgeous summers, the winter months can come with harsh weather. Having the right materials is vital to keep the kitchen in perfect condition year-round.

How you will use the space:  Take into consideration how often you invite others over or how much you want to use this space for yourself.  If you want to use the space to entertain others regularly, add in a lot of seating. If you plan on using the kitchen more for yourself or your family, you can limit the size but still have an impressive and stylish outdoor living space.

How much time do you have for maintenance: If you don’t have a lot of time to maintain the backyard kitchen then having a simple one will be easier for you. Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Design will help you with designing a simple kitchen layout to create the perfect time between wanting an outside space and not having to dedicate a lot of time to maintain it.

There is so much to consider when installing an outdoor kitchen to your Colorado Springs home, but when taking in all of the above considerations it can become that outside sanctuary you have been looking for. Contact us today to create your dream yard with Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Design! Our team will provide great insight, premium products, and guaranteed satisfaction to every customer!


Quick FAQs About Retaining Walls

Quick FAQs About Retaining Walls

If you’re thinking about adding a retaining wall to your Colorado Springs home, let us answer some of your questions first! Our retaining wall contractors here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Designs know a thing or two about retaining walls, so let us give you all the tools you need to make the right choice for your yard!

What is the purpose of a retaining wall?

More than eye catching additions to a landscape, and even sometimes problem-solvers, retaining walls also have a sculptural quality that adds definition and structure to the landscape. They can be made from various materials to foster different styles or moods your home’s overall outdoor design is going for. (For example, using stacked timbers or mortared stone, can create a rustic look, while poured smooth concrete can portray that sleekly, modern mood.)

But aside from deciding the type of retaining wall you’d like to add to your landscape, you have to keep in mind that retaining walls are meant to hold back tons of soil and carry a significant amount of weighted structure. That means that you have to make sure it’s built correctly and in the right area of your yard, in addition to precise measurements for sound footing for a long lifespan.

How much do retaining walls cost?

It will honestly depend how large of a retaining wall you’d like, what material you’d like it to be constructed with, and other structural/placement factors of your particular yard as well. We know that’s not a solid answer but give us a call and we can quote you out an estimated price for your needs!

How long do retaining walls last?

This honestly depends on the type of material you use. Timber can last up to 40 years and there’s no real limit on the life span of a concrete or masonry retaining wall, if properly, so this is another “it depends on what you want” answer.

DIY or hire a pro?

Although you could argue that pretty much everything these days can be a DIY project, a good, withstanding retaining wall should be constructed by professionals. We have seen some beautiful timber and inter-locking-wood-block walls that were home projects, but if you want something you can rely on, we’d suggest definitely hiring a pro. If you’re looking for a mortared masonry and poured concrete wall, those are usually best left to an expert. If you’re wanting to add a larger, or more complicated structured one as well, give us a call for those types of designs!

Does height or size matter?

Some local Colorado Springs neighborhood codes do have specific mandates for landscape structures like retaining walls. As an example, some communities in town have a mandate where walls can’t be higher than 4 feet tall unless they are installed by professional engineers. You may have to check your neighborhood’s HOA rules or mandates if you’re adding your own, but you should be safe if our retaining wall experts here at Bella Giardino design and build it for you!

How much maintenance do they need?

Other than an occasional clearing of the weep holes, retaining walls don’t need much attention at all. If built properly and if the land your home is built on doesn’t have a major shift, retaining walls need little to no maintenance.

If you’re thinking about adding a new, or updated retaining wall to your Colorado Springs landscape, give our experts a call for a free quote today! Our team here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design can create the perfect custom retaining wall for your yard. We work with you to make your vision come to life, so contact us today to get the design process started.

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15 New Landscaping Trends for 2021

15 New Landscaping Trends for 2021

Landscaping and outdoor architecture is always evolving and bringing forth brand new innovations that everyone wants a piece of. When you see your neighbor upgrading their front yard garden or backyard water fountain, it’s hard not to want to follow their lead and step your own Colorado Springs outdoor living space up. Just like every other artistic industry, landscaping designs and techniques have produced new trends that are all the rage. Not only are these trends eco-friendlier or water-smart, but they are also expanding into bringing indoor ideas out. Curious to know what these latest trends are? Our luxury landscaping designers here at Bella Giardino put together this list of 15 biggest landscaping trends for 2021:

1. Going Native

Native plants are more and more top of mind – They provide a range of benefits, but most importantly they easily tolerate the conditions or weather of your area.

2. Outdoor Living Areas

The urge to do more outside is greater – Taking the indoors outside has been a big trend this year, so install entertaining areas outside for a full transformation.

3. Eco-Conscious Elements Luxury Landscapers Colorado Springs

Consider natural wildlife more – Leave certain organic elements untouched to provide a low-maintenance space for Colorado wildlife.

4. Multi-Season Green

Go for the multi-season choices – Choose displays of bright color, texture, fruit, and flowers year-round by utilizing cold-season plants more.

5. Getting Creative With Food Plants

Trade in the more traditional plant choices with new innovative varieties like: Mini watermelons, purple cauliflower, heirloom tomatoes, blue kale, pattypan squash, purple bell peppers, towering basil, and so much more!

6. Pollinator Gardens

Convert a part of your yard into a pollinator-friendly oasis by planting diverse groups of native plants that will attract different pollinators.

7. Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardening is a trend everyone appears to be trying! Simply pick a wall, build a frame, and go crazy!

8. Smart Technology

We’re beginning to see the integration of smart technology into landscaping – these include smart controllers for watering, irrigation monitors, and other smart sprinkler systems.

9. Composting For Healthy Soils

We’re all becoming more Earth conscience, especially here in Colorado. To keep food waste down, and improve the health of your soil, utilize composting in your home!

10. Low-Maintenance Landscapes

Some of us are natural green thumbs—most of us are not. To surpass this downfall, create a low-maintenance landscape design so you don’t have to do much to keep it alive!

11. Unique Outdoor Lighting

Minimalist lighting was a huge trend 2020. Whether it’s a LED light channel underneath a patio or walkway or hidden lighting that illuminates your trees, outdoor lighting is very popular!

12. Add Xeriscaping Colorado Springs Landscaping Trends

Xeriscapes are water-wise designs that take into several factors to help save water, limiting elements like grass, high-maintenance soil, and others alike.

13. More Potted Plants

Regardless of how small or large your outdoor space is, potted plants are an amazing way to improve any style of landscape. They’re easy to grow, don’t require a lot of weeding, and are the best way to control the size of the plants you want in your yard.

14.Self-Water Collection

Adopting more environmentally conscious landscaping ideas is a huge hit lately, one of which being is the collection of rainwater. Many Coloradians are turning to rain barrels to collect rainwater for garden watering and even household chores like washing cars!

15. Front Porch Living

The front porch is no longer just a place for our delivery packages and dirty shoes – Improve your curb appeal by adding bright elements, comfy seating, hanging flower baskets and so much more!

What trends have you taken part in this year? Are any of these trends above something you are going to considered for your landscape designs in 2021? We have definitely seen an uptake in each of the above new elements and love to design new landscape with each in mind. Give your Colorado home a little upgrade with one, or several, of these new landscaping trends by giving our luxury landscaping team a call today! We’d be more than happy to help design and implement a new landscape for your beautiful home. Contact Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Design today.


9 Landscaping Tips for Summer: Planning Ahead

9 Landscaping Tips for Summer: Planning Ahead

When you own a home in our beautiful, mountainous state, landscaping and lawn care are a vital part of maintaining your home and making sure the exterior aesthetic stays looking great. Your landscaping, including your lawn, can take a beating during both the harsh Colorado winter weather and during the high heat summers. Our landscape designers here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design put together 9 helpful landscaping tips for this summer to help keep your yard looking pristine and prepare for your dream design or redesign for next year:

1. Get New Ideas from Research

If you are looking to refresh your landscaping for Spring 2022, summer is a great time to start thinking of luxurious new ideas. Having an end goal in mind can help point you in the right direction for what that new landscape design looks like. We encourage you to search online, walk around your neighborhood, watch the Home & Garden, HGTV, channel and create a list of new ideas you’ve found and love. Not only do these resources provide you inspiration, but they can also allow you to better understand what all is involved in creating that specific yard design. So hop online or on TV and start your list this summer!

2. Create a Vision Board

Planning Next Year's Landscape DesignAnother one of our great landscaping tips for Summer 2021 to begin outlining your dream landscape is to create a vision board. Writing your dreams or goals down, getting physical copies of images you’re striving for and organizing them in one single place like a vision board has been well known for helping goals come to fruition. It’s a practice many people use for their own personal or professional goals for the year, so why not curate one for your dream luxury landscape? Gathering inspirations, laying out specific colors, structures, styles, and plant types can all not only give you a valid inspiration for what you want to accomplish, but it also allows you to present everything you have in your mind out on paper so you can see the full picture. This makes it easy to envision what you’re planning to do with your front or back yard, and it allows you to confirm if certain styles, colors, or layouts truly work when they are put together. A vision board is a great tip to help you reach your custom landscape goals.

3. Set Your Budget

When dreaming up what you want your new landscaping to look like, it can definitely be easy to get carried away. We all know that walking into a greenhouse or nursery when you’re daydreaming can be hazardous to the health of your bank account if you don’t plan ahead. So, before you go too overboard, take your inspirations, and start researching costs. At least getting an idea of what each new design aspect costs can keep your goal design inline with your budget. If you can give yourself a set number for how much you’d like to spend for a new landscape next year, you can keep your imagination in that lane and focused.

4. Plan for Growth and Plant Accordingly

After starting your inspirations and taking notes, then setting a relative budget, you can then move along to what brings the concept of planting into the mix. It’s important to keep in mind the scalability of your desired yard and plan for the growth of specific elements of your landscape accordingly. While you might be eager to just plan for every inch of open space in your garden or walkway, it’s recommended that you stick to the planting guide that takes growth into consideration. Not only will you have room for growth in your new yard, you’ll also be able to increase the life and well-being of your plants exponentially by sticking to a plan. This is precisely what Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design consults on when we initially receive a new project. Be efficient by thinking ahead!

5. Mow to Promote Lawn Health

It’s also essential to prepare your foundation for a new yard. We all know by now that you always want to mow your lawn when it’s dry and not damp/wet outside to keep your lawn healthy. In addition, you want to ensure that you are not mowing the grass shorter than 2.5 inches to avoid completely killing it off, which provides the grass and ground with more insulation to fight the summer heat. Colorado Springs is experiencing quite a monsoon type summer right now, so while planning for next year’s landscape, be sure not to forget about the lawn you currently have and keep it maintained to stay alive.

6. Ensure Proper Irrigation

Another one of the landscaping tips for summer we have is to make sure your yard and plants are properly irrigated. Each week, you should water your lawn early in the morning several times a week, specifically somewhere around 5-6 a.m., so that your lawn can receive at minimum one inch of water per week. Of course, the timing can all depend on what Colorado Springs neighborhood you live in, and those particular HOA rules, if any, but generally speaking, those would be the basic guidelines we suggest. The reason you should be watering early in the day is so that there is less stress on the lawn from the hot summer sun. Watering late at night can cause fungus to grown overnight, so deep soaking will allow for deeper and better root growth while creating a lawn that is less susceptible to heat and drought damage. We can absolutely help with a new irrigation system with our local irrigation installation services, so feel free to call us for help too!

7. Be Sure to Fertilize

Do you ever wonder how your neighbor’s lawns keep that deep, lavish green color throughout the summer? It’s because they take care of their yard year-round, utilizing lawn care products that are high in nitrogen, which promotes that deep green color as well as growth. Although our summers include crazy afternoon showers, it’s important to also feed your lawn with the proper nutrients so that it can be well prepped for the landscape redesign you have planned for next year. It’s always important to prepare and plan ahead so whatever changes you make to your lawn and yard; your new landscape has a perfect base to work off of.

8. Plan Pest Control

Pests in Colorado aren’t always a guarantee, especially during our summer months, but you still want to have a plan in place to prevent infestations in your lawn. A variety of lawn pests can lead to bothersome infestations that can also kill and destroy your current landscaping, so having a plan for controlling them is a huge tip for Colorado summers. We suggest figuring out what specific pests can be common to your area, or for the landscaping features you have, and creating a plan for pest control that also protects the pollinators for your future plans. Keeping pests at bay in the summer allows for a smoother luxury landscape installation the following year.

9. Watch for Weeds

Pulling WeedsAlthough weeds are not insects, they can still be considered pests and be a very disruptive aspect to your landscaping. Not only can weeds be unsightly, but they can also steal nutrients and moisture from your yard’s grass and other plants, compromising everything you’ve been working so hard for. In addition, it can hinder the quality of your soil overtime, also impacting the success of any upcoming design installations. So, don’t only keep an eye out for pests and remove them as you see them, also be sure to pre-emptively kill weeds before your next garden bed or element is installed. This can allow you to start with a weed-free foundation for next year’s dream luxury landscape!

These are just a few helpful landscaping tips for Summer 2021 to help you prepare for next year’s dream landscape. Just remember to have fun! Landscaping and gardening are both wonderful ways to enjoy the beautiful Colorado outdoors and add some natural beauty to the environment around your home. Pick your plants to accentuate the exterior of your home, choose structures that compliment your home’s style, and plan out the perfect design that fits your budget and you’ll be left with a long-lasting yard for years to come. Give Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design a call today to book your consultation for next year’s project to start your summer off right.

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Our Residential Landscape Design Process

Our Residential Landscape Design Process

How to Create a Luxurious Landscape Design for Your Home

Designing a new luxurious landscape for your Colorado Springs home is 100% customized. Bella Giardino never treats each project the same since we believe your unique home deserves a unique and meticulous design that fits your home, your style, and your needs. You will never get a cookie-cutter type landscape from our team.

Our standards provide the criteria for the landscape design process. Curating a new yard layout is an extremely important first step in order to provide you with the dream outdoor living environment you’ve always wanted. The Bella process starts with all pieces in mind including the expectations of aesthetics, functionality, layout, material needs, maintenance, and cost. Every project is a collaborative venture since we feel your input and ideas should always be included.

The design process is crucial to achieving a high-end finished product you will be happy with, so we encourage you to come equipped with all answers. In order to create a luxurious landscape design, our team of experts will always want to prepare you for all instances, so it’s a good idea to think about the following questions when starting this process:

  • How will you use your landscape?
  • What is the desired look and feel of your design?
  • What challenges does your yard have?
  • What is your budget and deadline?
  • Are there specific material or plants you want to use?
  • Are there anything we need to avoid per your wishes?

Once you have the answers to the above questions, the collaboration process with our Colorado Springs landscape designers will be a breeze. We will of course assist in answering any items you may not have the answers to, but coming into the project with at least something in mind is ideal. Bella’s team will sit down, review these items, draft up a blueprint, inform you of all costs prior to starting, run through timeframes and expectations and schedule set times for our landscapers to begin. But don’t worry, all COVID-19 guidelines are followed throughout the creation services we provide as our workers and customers health and safety are of upmost importance.

We take pride in communicating with our clients every step of the way, so you can feel very well taken care of with our landscape design process. If at any time changes need to be made, simply speak up and we would be delighted to pivot as needed. All hardships or limitations will always be brought up to you as well so we can work together to solidify a compromise that best fits your overall wishes and budget.

If you’re ready to start your very own custom landscape design, give Colorado Springs top-rated luxurious landscapers here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design a call today to get started!

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