We’re sure you have all heard of a drip irrigation system by now, especially since we all live in this precarious Colorado state of uncertain weather patterns! So, of course, those of us who are passionate about our flower garden or backyard lawn are very diligent when it comes to keeping everything healthy and alive during the warmer months. But what is the best solution to keeping our yards healthy while still respecting local water regulations at the same time? Well, that would be a drip irrigation system.

What is a Drip Irrigation System?

The concept of drip irrigation systems is actually pretty simple. This relatively new irrigation technique essentially has tiny holes inserted at various points along a hose line that is placed within your flower bed or tree line. This almost invisible line allows small quantities of water to trickle slowly into the soil over long periods of time, instead of a consistent, heavy flow of a full sprinkler system that you have to manually set. The consistent dripping effect of this irrigation service not only saves water, it’s also a less maintained way of keeping your garden or yard alive and well in Colorado Springs.

Drip Irrigation SystemsAs we all know, especially during our summer months, our state constantly comes in and out of a drought status. As damp as Colorado weather can be sometimes, we are still prone to being very dry and even have a high fire warning at times as well. So water consumption, especially in our residential areas, has always had a tight regulation on it. This is precisely why many HOA’s suggest a drip irrigation system instead of a full on, old school, sprinkler system.

The disadvantage of sprinkler systems unfortunately comes with just how this watering solution is setup. Sprinklers often waste quite a bit of water, not only from just how sprinklers work, but also owing some of the wastefulness to evaporation of the spray droplets as they fly through the air. This was an initial watering idea that was ingenious at the time, but now with our steeper regulations and enhancements in technology, sprinkler systems have simply become out of touch with this times. Drip irrigation systems use way less water when they are on because they are applied directly where the plants need it most and nowhere else. The creation of a drip watering system has greatly decreased the wastefulness of water by quite a bit, aiding in achieving both state regulations and decreases in personal utility bills as well.

Whether your garden is ornamental or food-producing, or you just love your aspen line on your back fence, a drip irrigation system can be used with equal success. This is a great addition to your Colorado Springs luxury landscape design that lasts for years and keeps you both secure with your monthly water bill and in line with state drought regulations. Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design is a Colorado Springs landscaper who not only can create a stunning new high-end landscape for your home, but also install a drip irrigation system for you as well. Give our friendly team a call today and start saving on your water consumption with our effective drip irrigation services. Book a consultation now!