Herbs that are easy to grow indoors

Basil – Spicy-sweet, basilis no-muss, no-fuss kind of herb that’s best when fresh. It’s down right delicious with fresh ripe tomatoes, mozzarella and olive oil. Bonus: Basil reples houseflies!

Fun Fact: In India, the basil plant is a cherished in every Hindu house.

Chives – A mild onion flavor that is divine with patatoes, fish, or in soups. Chives are a basic French cuisine.

Cilantro – Too strong for some, adored by othrs-when it comes to cilantro, you either  love it or hate it.  It has a sagey-citrusy flavor and is often used in salsa and other Mexican dishes, and in Asian dishes too!

Lemon Verbena – Intensely lemony in both taste and scent, this herb maes a heavenly addition to baked goods and can also perk up water, iced tea, or even cocktails.

Mint – Sure, there is peppermint and spearmint, and both are delicious – but how about trying chocolate, apple, or orange mint? Mint is amazing in rice dishes and beverages (and just about everything else).  Did you know? Mint can also relieve gas and indigestion.

Sorrel – Zesty and Lemony, this often overlookd herb is great in salads, soups and stews. Once a common herb known for its medicincal qualities as well as is flavor, sorrel is currently enjoing a culinary comeback.

Thyme – Spicy-flavored thyme is a staple with grilled chicken and fish. It is also a suprisingly fresh additions to a cold galss of iced tea. Try variants like lemon thyme, orane thyme, and caraway thyme.

Fun fact: In the Middle Ages, thyme was used as a cure for melancholy.

Tarragon – With its anise-like flavor, tarragon s perfect for roasted chicken or fish. Another French staple, tarragon is terriic in chickensalad or added to a fruity sorbet, and is a favorite for seasoning vinegar.