New Year’s Resolutions for Landscaping

New Year’s Resolutions for Landscaping

Can you believe it’s already a new year?  2021 is upon us and those new year’s resolutions you’ve devised are a great way to finally motivate yourself to meet those personal goals you’ve had but just haven’t gotten around to. The beginning of a new year, and a new decade actually, can signify a time for a fresh start and finally jump on those aspirations for the year ahead!

What are your goals for 2021? Are they fitness and health related?  Are they focused more on your career or your family? What about your goals for landscaping?  Your home is your safe space, so why not upgrade your outdoor living spaces this year. Maybe it’s time to make your home’s landscape design a welcoming space for entertaining loved ones or to improve the aesthetics or function of your landscape. Regardless of the reason, a new year is exactly what some need to finally make those desired changes to their home!

Your top-rated landscapers here at Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Designs compiled a helpful list of ideas to add to your landscaping New Year’s resolutions below to give you that final push to get going on your new ideas! Check out our list of garden landscaping ideas and of course, let us know how we can help:

New Landscape Designs & Construction

  • Try a new and fun plant combination in your garden bed. New Year’s Resolutions for Landscaping
  • Add some colorful flowerpots to your front porch.
  • Invest in a paver or brick patio for entertaining.
  • Add a small local specimen tree to your front yard.
  • Install a peaceful water feature for quarantine stress reduction.
  • Add some curb appeal by planting an annual flower garden.
  • Hire Bella Giardino to makeover your landscape.
  • Install a cozy fire pit for roasting marshmallows.
  • Plant bulbs for more spring/summer landscape color.
  • Utilize your outdoor space more with a new seating area.
  • Install an outdoor kitchen for get togethers.


New Landscape Maintenance

  • Invest in a professional, local maintenance crew.
  • Invest in a professional cleanup of your landscape.
  • Create a monthly feeding & watering schedule.
  • Hire an experienced, local arborist to prune your trees.
  • Perform a soil test from online instructions.
  • Incorporate sustainable elements to your landscape design.
  • Invest in a more efficient water saving irrigation system.


Creative DIY Landscaping

  • Hang a bird feeder in your backyard to bring in more wildlife.
  • Add a water source to encourage pollinators.
  • Plant flowers and foliage plants to personalize your home more.
  • Learn to identify beneficial insects.
  • Utilize Pinterest to try new landscape design decorations.
  • Add stylish chairs to your backyard to actually enjoy your yard.
  • Take pictures and make memories with loved ones outside.


Our local Colorado Springs team of luxury landscapers here at Bella Giardino encourage you all to do a little more for your outdoor living space more this year. Try out some of the above New Year’s Resolutions for Landscaping ideas, or make up your own, to make 2021 a more enjoyable and prosperous year, not only for your landscape, but your family as well. We hope this list helps you organize your 2021 New Year’s landscaping resolutions! And always remember, if you need help with your landscaping projects, Bella Giardino Landscape & Garden Design is always happy to help. Call us today for a personalized quote to meet your needs.