Unique Patio Options for Small Backyards in Colorado Springs

Unique Patio Options for Small Backyards in Colorado Springs

Our Colorado Springs Luxury Landscapers here at Bella Giardino often ask our clients, “what better way to complete your landscape than with a backyard patio?” However, we have received a consistent answer recently of, “well, our backyard is too small for a patio.” After getting this reply quite a bit, we think it’s about time to address your actual options since many homeowners here believe their backyard is way too small to add a patio to it. We are here to prove you wrong! There are actually many landscaping ideas for small backyards when it comes to a relaxing area like a patio, so let us enlighten you on some ideas for your small backyard!

Whether you’re one who wants to create a space conducive for a quick daytime retreat or fun friendly dinner under the stars, there are surprisingly many options for a patio in a small backyard. Regardless of if you want your patio to act as a dining area, a fireside lounge, or a full-on family space, our professional landscaping designers have some clever ideas to leverage every inch of your tiny backyard for your benefit.

Small Backyard Landscape IdeasSome of our past Colorado Springs landscaping projects for those clients who have a somewhat smaller backyard have concluded quite successfully, despite the client’s skepticism of the idea. We have completed several different patio designs in small backyards, like a quant eating space with a table and chairs, a brick-floored option with succulents surrounding, a simple lounging space for sun tanning and even a cozy fireplace patio combination for those summer nights. All of these landscape designs turned out to be so lovely and perfect for the smaller-sized area we had to work with. You’d be surprised at what our team of experts can accomplish in such a tight space! So trust us when we say we can place a patio in just about any space, even if you’ve always seen it as “small.”

For some other patio design ideas that work very well in small backyards, here’s a list of style options our team put together for you:

Some Specific Patio Style Ideas:


Don’t let your landscaping dreams get defeated by your backyard size. Where there is a will, there is a way, and Bella Giardino’s luxury landscape services allow for abundant creations in almost any space available. Let our professionals design the perfect patio for you and the perfect patio to fit your small backyard! Give us a call or schedule a consultation today to see what options you truly have for a new home patio.