Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice for Autumn Time

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice for Autumn Time

11 Fantastic Colorado Fall Color Trees and Shrubs for Your Landscape Design

Summer 2020 has been nothing but eventful, but now that it’s almost October, it is now a thing of the past! Pack away those up those flip flops and sun dresses, and breakout the scarves and pumpkin spice everything because…Fall is here! It’s that time of year where Colorado mountains begin to flourish with tones of yellow, orange and red as a chill begins to arise in our morning air, and also the time where it becomes acceptable to have everything pumpkin spice flavored without judgement. Who doesn’t love a little PSL obsession?!

But aside from those environmental changes and acceptable habits for coffee flavors, Autumn in Colorado is the perfect escape for photographers and landscapers alike. Autumn means rich warm-toned landscapes, orange and red leaves changing, dramatic silhouettes at sunset, morning fog, and stunning reflections throughout the state. No wonder so many people are flocking to live here in Colorado Springs. But how do you get that Fall Color look for your own home? Our landscaping experts here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design have curated a list of the perfect Fall color plants to add to your landscape to get these stunning glimpses each year. Below are precisely those Autumn colored plants or Fall foliage you can add to your yard today to feel more of the Pumpkin Spice season coming on!

Great Fall Color Plants for Your Landscape

Try these underused but worthwhile trees and shrubs for an autumn landscape pop every year during this time!

Aspen Trees

Native to the state of Colorado, these trees are very self-sufficient when it comes to watering. Plus, they automatically change their leaf colors right around September/October so they are the perfect hands off addition to your yard.

Fall Landscaping Trees & PlantsBigtooth or Wasatch Maple

Another Colorado-native, medium-sized tree with bold orange-to-red fall color as well. Similar to Aspens, these trees are well adapted to our diverse climate, soils, elevations and temperatures.

“Miss Kim” Lilac

Medium-large lilac bush with low to moderate water needs. This hardy, late-blooming lilac with dark green foliage and stellar burgundy fall colors also has a stunning Springtime pale-blue, fragrant flowers as well.

Serviceberry Bush

A great foothills shrub with upright to spreading branches, small, rounded leaves and clusters of small white flowers. It’s blue-black fruit attractive to wildlife for an added bonus on top of the mellow pale-golden to red fall color change.

New Mexico Privet

Stellar choice for xeriscaping and an extremely drought-tolerant plant. These are a large shrub to small tree with a dense, grayish-green foliage, yellow flowers before it’s leaves, blue-black fruit on some, and buttery yellow fall leaf color!

Western Chokecherry

This hardy, irregular branching shrub has shiny dark green leaves that complete a typical Fall cycle of yellow to orange to red every year. It also has elongated flower clusters with suckers to form thickets, in addition to their beautiful dark purple fruit for that diverse fall color.

Smooth Sumac

Another drought-hardy shrub with bright green leaves and pyramidal clusters of yellow flowers that produce fuzzy dark red fruits in fall and into winter. This plant is another outstanding red fall color characteristic too.

Three-Leaved Sumac, or “Skunkbrush”

This strong shrub with arching branches and glossy green three-parted leaves contains  small pretty yellow flowers before it’s leaves and natural reddish hairy edible fruits that alter into our beloved Autumn colors.

Fall Time in Colorado SpringsGolden Currant Shrub

Tolerant across a wide variety of conditions, this plant has some pretty cool yellow clove-scented flowers in late spring, but then change to orange and then deep red in the Fall. These also have yellow to black fruit as well, that attracts an even more colorful array of birds to your yard.

“Red-Twig” / “Red-Osier” Dogwood

This native medium-sized tree is adaptable to both plains and montane environments. It has a gorgeous red stem in winter, flat, white flower clusters followed by white to blue fruits attractive in the Spring, and yellow to red fall color leaves to complete the look.

Pumpkin Vines

These perfect Autumn-themed plants not only grow like crazy, they produce the beautiful orange pumpkin fruit that are the typical Fall objects used for decorations, Halloween activities and the source all thing PSL.

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The Benefits of Having a Drip Irrigation System

The Benefits of Having a Drip Irrigation System

We’re sure you have all heard of a drip irrigation system by now, especially since we all live in this precarious Colorado state of uncertain weather patterns! So, of course, those of us who are passionate about our flower garden or backyard lawn are very diligent when it comes to keeping everything healthy and alive during the warmer months. But what is the best solution to keeping our yards healthy while still respecting local water regulations at the same time? Well, that would be a drip irrigation system.

What is a Drip Irrigation System?

The concept of drip irrigation systems is actually pretty simple. This relatively new irrigation technique essentially has tiny holes inserted at various points along a hose line that is placed within your flower bed or tree line. This almost invisible line allows small quantities of water to trickle slowly into the soil over long periods of time, instead of a consistent, heavy flow of a full sprinkler system that you have to manually set. The consistent dripping effect of this irrigation service not only saves water, it’s also a less maintained way of keeping your garden or yard alive and well in Colorado Springs.

Drip Irrigation SystemsAs we all know, especially during our summer months, our state constantly comes in and out of a drought status. As damp as Colorado weather can be sometimes, we are still prone to being very dry and even have a high fire warning at times as well. So water consumption, especially in our residential areas, has always had a tight regulation on it. This is precisely why many HOA’s suggest a drip irrigation system instead of a full on, old school, sprinkler system.

The disadvantage of sprinkler systems unfortunately comes with just how this watering solution is setup. Sprinklers often waste quite a bit of water, not only from just how sprinklers work, but also owing some of the wastefulness to evaporation of the spray droplets as they fly through the air. This was an initial watering idea that was ingenious at the time, but now with our steeper regulations and enhancements in technology, sprinkler systems have simply become out of touch with this times. Drip irrigation systems use way less water when they are on because they are applied directly where the plants need it most and nowhere else. The creation of a drip watering system has greatly decreased the wastefulness of water by quite a bit, aiding in achieving both state regulations and decreases in personal utility bills as well.

Whether your garden is ornamental or food-producing, or you just love your aspen line on your back fence, a drip irrigation system can be used with equal success. This is a great addition to your Colorado Springs luxury landscape design that lasts for years and keeps you both secure with your monthly water bill and in line with state drought regulations. Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design is a Colorado Springs landscaper who not only can create a stunning new high-end landscape for your home, but also install a drip irrigation system for you as well. Give our friendly team a call today and start saving on your water consumption with our effective drip irrigation services. Book a consultation now!