Colorado’s Monsoon Season is Here – What Does That Mean for Your Colorado Springs Landscape Design?

Colorado’s Monsoon Season is Here – What Does That Mean for Your Colorado Springs Landscape Design?

July & August is typically Colorado’s “monsoon season,” which usually brings our beautiful state a significant portion of annual precipitation. But like everything else that has occurred and still occurring in 2020, this year is looking oddly dry, which spells bad news for growing drought concerns, and ultimately your home’s landscape as well.

So what is a Monsoon?

Monsoon's and your Landscape DesignPeople hear the term “monsoon” and almost instantly associate it with something extreme, like a hurricane or typhoon. This is not the case. In reality, a monsoon is simply a “switch in the wind pattern that brings moisture to the usually dry desert southwest.” Running roughly from June 15th to September 30th each year, the North American monsoon, also known as a NAM, is a “seasonal wind shift that brings a stream of moisture from the Gulf of California into the typically dry and arid southwestern United States.” This major alteration in mother nature brings daily summer thunderstorms with heavy rain, lightning, and the even sometimes hail or flash flooding. So in other words, a monsoon is just a timeframe where Colorado Springs receives an extensive amount of moisture/rain than any other time of year. We are smack dab in the middle “monsoon season” right now.

So how does this effect your stunning luxury landscape design?

One of the neat things about monsoon season, or monsoon driven thunderstorms, is how these storms pretty much occur around the same time every day for multiple days in a row. You can typically set your alarms for early afternoons in Colorado Springs to see those dark clouds begin to climb over the mountains. Now, depending on what your backyard or front yards have within their landscaping design, that will depend on if this season is profitable or detrimental to your own home. Either way, it’s important to be prepared for what is coming your way so you can not only alter your daily routine, but also help prep your garden or luxury landscape are for the craziness to come.

Predictions for the 2020 Monsoon Season

Unfortunately, Colorado is over 75 percent abnormally dry right now, including about 30 percent of our landscape being in extreme drought; this year’s monsoon season is quite critical. This means, of course, fire season should be a temperamental time for our residents. But, with monsoon season now here, we can only hope the influx of rain helps bridge this gap! Our Colorado Springs landscapes, including all pretty little flower or veggie gardens, all backyard BBQ or fire pits and even the outdoor kitchen design areas, will all be affected by this season in different ways. You know our flowers, trees and shrubs will all thrive off of the extensive amount of moisture that these monsoons bring, but of course, it’ll limit our time spent in our backyard with friends enjoying our backyard kitchen. So there are pros and cons to both, depending on what your own landscape includes, but it’s important to at least be aware of what weather is coming our way. “The North American monsoon is one of our last hopes for decent summer rains before overall drier conditions move in for Fall and Winter, but unless the forecasts change it might not have the impact Coloradans hope for.”

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