Summer Garden Design Ideas for Your Colorado Springs Home

Summer Garden Design Ideas for Your Colorado Springs Home

During our sunny and warm days of summer here in Colorado Springs, there’s plenty to do in our gardens. With a bit of planning and some professional landscaping help, you can make the best use of your time by prioritizing what needs to be done in your own yard this year. Whether you have had the luxury landscapers here at Bella Giardino create your home’s garden or not, we have some clever garden ideas for you to try out this Summer when it comes to restructuring or just maintaining your beautiful garden. Aside from those normally scheduled chores on your to-do list to keep your local garden in tip top shape, we wanted to also give you some new ideas to maybe add a little more flavor to your current outdoor oasis if you were looking for an update! Our luxury garden landscapers will have you enjoying your home that much more this and actually stop to smell the roses once and a while. Grill up some dinner, invite some friends over, relax and enjoy your outdoor oasis with the new summer garden design ideas:

To give you a simple jump start with your new garden ideas, here are some of the most popular garden styles that are currently trending this year for you to possibly run with!

GARDEN STYLES Colorado Springs Garden Ideas


Now, if just a style idea isn’t quite enough to get you motivated to update your own garden, let’s outline some newer ideas that many current Colorado Springs residents, and actually homeowners all across the US, are currently utilizing. Instead of running with a complete tone or mood to a garden layout, why not pick and choose some ideas here and there that mesh to fit your personal home’s style!

To start, be sure to keep in mind our current climate and state’s particular needs so you can create not just a beautiful garden, but a sustainable garden. Take them or leave them, but below are some of the top Summer garden landscape choices our luxury landscape designers gathered for you:

  • Be waterwise – Use mulch or rock beds with organic matter to suppress weeds and help retain moisture while using drip irrigation when possible
  • Think big – While our local weather is sunny and warm, summer is the perfect time to tackle major projects, like new concrete for a patio, new waterfalls or addressing drainage issues so you can get those more time-consuming items completed while the days are warmer.
  • Keep it cool – Think of ways to cool off your yard, like by planting a tree to cover your patio or placing a fountain near your patio for a cooling evaporation effect
  • Add colorful containers – Keep annual containers looking their best with regular watering, fertilizing, deadheading, and replacing tire-looking plants with new, vibrant ones.
  • Mix things up – Don’t be afraid to combine edibles with ornamentals! Different colored lettuces make attractive edging along a pathway instead of your typical shrubbery.
  • Keep pollinators happy – Insects and hummingbirds are crucial for pollination of all types of plants, so be sure to include a selection of native Colorado plants that can bloom over the growing season and keep that attraction of wildlife present in your yard.
  • Freshen your deck – Aside from hosing down your patio or deck areas occasionally to keep all surfaces looking crisp and clean, switch out pillows or cushions and move containers around for a fresh, updated look.
  • Make a list – Make a list of what needs to be divided or replaced, take a few snapshots as a visual reminder, and provide yourself a structured to-do list for the summertime.
  • Search for inspiration – Visit the botanical gardens in Denver or even venture around some Colorado Springs public parks like Red Rocks to get new and improved design ideas and inspiration for your home!

Get a New Garden Today!

It’s always fun to set aside some time during the summer to maintain, reorganize or even renovate your entire front or backyard. We are one of the top states in America that has the most amount of sunny days per year, so take advantage of our beautiful sunny skies and warm evenings this year and get to work on your garden designs. If you are looking to do a larger overhaul this year, give our luxurious garden designers here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design today to book a free consultation. There’s a reason ‘garden design’ is in our name, so give us a call today to experience a truly caring landscape firm in Colorado Springs.