Landscape Ideas with Water Features

Landscape Ideas with Water Features

After spending several Spring seasons landscaping and building garden beds here in Colorado Springs, we found that skipping out on the small details of a landscape design can hinder the overall look and feel of your yard. The small things often go overlooked during the building, planting, and hauling of dirt that occurs during a new garden or outdoor living creation. When people say, “it’s all in the details,” it’s absolutely true regardless of the topic at hand. If it’s something as artistic as landscaping, details are essential to the final illustration of the yard, but sometimes no matter how detail oriented you are, something feels off with the partially completed product. Not that there’s anything wrong with a simple landscape, but we began to come up with the solution that most yards here in Colorado are better completed with a stunning water feature. Garden border details, lighting solutions and balanced out material layouts are fairly simple to incorporate once the yard begins to take shape, but we’ve always felt like something was missing during production, which has now been identified as a water feature.

Landscapes with Water FeaturesIn our search for something to bring more life to our luxury garden and landscape designs, our designers quickly found that water feature ideas were definitely a topic to further research and expand upon. Water features bring a beautiful touch of tranquility to every garden, which indirectly also adds a beneficial addition to your home’s surroundings. Structures like fountains, waterfalls, babbling brooks and rock streams are all high-end additions to any style of landscape you’re looking for. Not only is the sound of trickling water a peaceful and relaxing noise while winding down at night, but flowing water also provides an attraction for birds and other beneficial critters to your garden grounds. What better than to have the natural wildlife come freely to your yard and bath in your luxury water fountain while you sip your red glass of wine watching the orange colored Colorado sunset.

Whether a water feature is planned in advance as a prominent feature to your new landscape or is a simple add-on to your existing Colorado Springs yard, you will be glad to have taken the time to include it. Bell Giardino has so many different outdoor living sketches and blueprints for every type of yard out there, we have the ability to literally add in a water feature anywhere. If you have your own personal structure in mind, we can also complete custom designs as well. From koi ponds to spa waterfalls to home entrance spillways to limestone fountains spilling into pools, your possibilities are endless

Don’t think you are only limited to a couple basic figures; Bella can do anything. If you have a specific water feature design in mind that you would like added to your home this coming Spring, don’t hesitate to give our team of Colorado Springs luxury landscapers a call today. Book an appointment with our designers asap since our calendars fill up fast! Finally get the landscape your family wants and deserves with Bella Giardino. Call now!

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