Retaining Walls – Beauty & Function

Retaining Walls – Beauty & Function

With the endless options out there for luxury landscape designs, it’s imperative to know all your structural options. The whole idea behind restructuring or designing a new landscape for your Colorado Springs home is to work with the ground you’re given. Yes, you of course have the freedom to essentially create the outdoor living space of your dreams but keeping within your yard’s limits is crucial for the lifetime of your landscape. This is where retaining walls can be vital to aid in obtaining the look you’re going for. Let Bella Designs explain a little bit further:

Retaining Wall ProfessionalsIn order to create a stunning environment, you must first be aware of the structure of the land your home sits on. For example, if you have a hillside as your backyard, you have a better opportunity creating a waterfall than you would say a typical flower bed. Conversely, if you have a completely flat front yard, creating steps might not be the most conventional for you. This is where our local landscapers come into play. Our team here at Bella Giardino is here to help point you in the right direction for what is plausible for your Colorado Springs yard. We can show you what is doable and not so doable for your own home in order to provide you with designs that meet your yard and your dreams in the middle. Now, there is one feature of a yard design that combines function and aesthetics in a unique way to expand your own home’s options even further. We’re talking, of course, about the retaining wall. Retaining walls are important protective features of a yard that also provide a fresh look to your landscape.

A retaining wall can be a critical piece to a new landscape. Sometimes it is important to separate the yard into several different sections, which can be effectively done by retaining walls. Whether you are looking to create an outdoor kitchen, a vegetable garden or a fire pit, starting with a retaining wall is essentially the backbone of your design. Once you have that outline or frame set in place, the rest becomes simple. And of course you have the ability to choose from many different wall materials to better match your home too! Options might include concrete, masonry, stone or maybe a specific type of rock you found that you can’t live without. Hiring custom landscapers, like Bella Giardino, not only makes landscaping easier, it also gives you the ups and downs (literally) of your own yard so you know what you can and can’t do from the start. Bring both beauty and function to the table with retaining walls.

If you’re not looking for a complete yard redesign, but rather just a simple implementation of a retaining wall, we can do that too! Our local company doesn’t just do the whole shebang, we can do individual constructive additions to your yard as well. Want to add just a simple retaining wall in your backyard? Give us a call! Are you looking for a luxury landscape design for your front yard? Give us a call! Bella Giardino Landscapes and Garden Design, does it all so book a consultation today before our 2020 calendar fills up! You can trust our retaining wall experts, reach out now!

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