The difference between high-end landscaping and simple landscaping

The difference between high-end landscaping and simple landscaping

What’s the difference between high-end landscaping and typical, simple landscaping you ask? There are many different aesthetic pieces that can be implemented into a landscape to make the perfect outdoor heaven. There’s no right way to create a yard design but there are difference when it comes to the simplicity or extravagance of the layout. Curious? Well, let the landscaping experts here at Bella Giardino Landscape and Garden Design provide a simple comparison for you!

High-End Landscaping Includes:

  • Add luxury and style to your home
  • Impress neighbors and drivers by the intricate detail
  • Go bold and beautiful to make your house pop
  • Add not just some flowers, but beds of strategically placed flowers
  • Implement greenery to add depth to your front or back yard
  • Highlight the home with large, heavy stoned pathways
  • Build a stunning water feature structure seen for miles
  • Add a large, party friendly outdoor kitchen to your backyard

Simple Landscaping Includes:

  • Flatten the front yard to add grassy areas
  • Sprinkle flowers patches here and there
  • Add simple bushes to create a circumference
  • Plant a few trees
  • Outline the driveway with greenery

Now, don’t take a simple landscaping design to be a “bad” or “not cool” style to add to your residence. Sometimes, simple is best, and we have seen many absolutely stunning simple, typical landscaping yards that stand for themselves. Here at Bella, we like to go above and beyond with our garden designs or landscaping productions. Our company style is the be bold, broad, eye catching and timeless! See our past designs for yourself here on our website to view just what we mean when we say luxurious.

If adding pizzazz and high-end moods to your front yard or back yard is right up your alley, give our experts a call! We can make your dream comes true when it comes to your yard. Even if you already have a landscaping design present, we can absolutely vamp it up and enhance what is already there! High-end landscaping in Colorado Springs is our specialty – book a consultation now!