Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

Spring has Sprung

Spring is here and can I tell you, I am thrilled.  Of course being in Colorado you know how challenging Springtime can be in your garden.  Before you get ready to put those plants in the ground, let’s talk about the steps we need to take to prepare.  Gardening entails more than just planting new flowers or shrubs.

Step 1: Clean your gardening tools and supplies so they are ready to go.   Survey the tools you have versus the tools you need. Service your lawn mower and sharpen any tools. Plan your garden and determine if you need any new garden accessories.

Step 2: Clean all the gutters on your house to protect any plants that may be underneath from overflow of water or melting snow.

Step 3: Fix stone or rock walls or walkways not sealed with concrete or mortar in early spring after the threat of snow and ice have subsided. Since they     are dry stacked, the winter and small animals can move and shift the walls or walkways. Rake uneven ground and fill in holes animals may have made.

Step 4: Rake the leftover leaves from fall so your landscape is ready for grass maintenance and new planting. Leaves tend to be hidden under piles of snow. It is important to clean up the leaves as soon as you can as decaying leaves give off toxins that will damage plants.

Step 5: Remove debris such as rocks, twigs and branches along with dead pieces of leaves in early spring when the snow has melted. They are often hidden under or in existing bushes or throughout dry rock walls.

Step 6: Check out your mulch to see if you will need fresh mulch. Fluff the mulch and spread it out evenly in early spring after the last of the snow has melted.

Step 7: Prune or move your perennials in early spring. Cut them back to the shape you want, transplant or divide them to move to another spot.  Hopefully you have already done this.  And this is the perfect time to fertilize.

Doing these steps will really prepare and organize us for a new growing season. Happy Spring Everyone!!!